"Silent Retreats"
Your Success Thought for the Week of April 5, 2006

Each year, I encourage my clients to have at least one ‘silent retreat’ and more than one if possible. This last weekend was mine. I feel it important to share the process and benefits with you, so that you too can create this remarkable experience for yourself.

First, I plan ahead. What location will heighten my experience? For me, it’s the Oregon Coast. My long time readers know that I am fascinated by oceans and coastlines; perhaps my Midwest youth left me yearning for their scents and physical pull. I’ve written about the magic of the Hawaiian, Mexican, Caribbean and Jersey shores.

The Oregon coast pries a piece of my heart open, making me feel so alive. Time spent in my mother’s assisted-living atmosphere teaches me it’s vital that we open our hearts in our fast-paced world. Otherwise, it’s quite possible to harden it for good.

(If an ocean is not at hand, how else can you open your heart?) The mere sound of children laughing ; being in the presence of the love of your life; getting in touch with the beauty of nature; seeing the Grand Canyon for the first time. Stimulants are all around you. It’s up to you to discover your own.

Next, I plan the materials that will support this process. I select books, my journal, a side tablet, CD's, soft clothing, a favorite blanket and pillows. Now, I am ready.

From the time I get into the car, I enjoy creating my own private environment. No radio, news, DJ humor or loud music. There is time elsewhere in my life for this.

I find it fascinating that on the way to my destination, it’s fun to enjoy an intriguing book on CD - something pertaining to my current quest. On the way home, I enjoy utter silence. I have no desire for outside influence in any form.

Having created my own milieu and honoring one of my top values of expanding my mind during my drive, I am completely relaxed by the time I reach my destination. Traffic or weather challenges have no power over my essence. I am in charge.

Prior to reaching my destination, I’ve picked up weekend essentials—simple foods, beverages and, of course, flowers to brighten my room. The journey doesn’t begin now; it began the moment I left my home.

The rest of the weekend is mine to enjoy as I like. Moment by moment, I choose whether to walk on the beach for hours upon hours, journal for entire day, read passages that have special meaning to me here and now, or finally get to that book that’s been calling my name.

The side tablet is for anything that consumes my mind yet doesn’t belong in my journal—‘to do’ lists, business musings, etc. I believe it important to have that side tablet for anything that distracts me from enjoying the atmosphere I am creating.

The results speak for themselves: peace, inspiration, creative new approaches to life's dilemmas and crystal clarity on what is important. It is astonishing what you hear when you stop talking.

I urge you to schedule a silent retreat, even if it’s for an afternoon. There is nothing like silence to gain perspective and to release anything that does not honor your existence. Inspire yourself. Schedule it today. Let me know how it goes.

Enjoy your discoveries.


Ann Golden Eglé, MCC
Executive Coach & President
Golden Visions Success Coaching, LLC

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