Your Success Thought on "Balance, Rhythm & Flow"
February 15, 2006

Starting something new is always awkward at first. Many of you know this from the New Year Resolutions you set just 45 days ago. You intended to develop a new eating or exercise program, yet when you got right down to it, nothing felt easy or natural.

Just like a toddler first attempting to stand, you have no balance, rhythm or flow when entering a new regime. This toddler has what it takes -- focus and tenacity. He will stand no matter how many attempts it takes. Once he masters the art of balance (standing), his rhythm and flow come naturally. He’s then off and running.

How are you so different when learning something new? Unlike the toddler who hasn’t yet learned the art of personal sabotage, you may set unrealistic expectations, be impatient, and prematurely criticize yourself. Where is your focus and tenacity?

Enter the MacDonald’s mentality. We want results now. If they are not fast enough, we give up. We don’t allow the natural rhythm and flow of a new endeavor to occur. Instead, we move onto something more easily accessible, albeit self-defeating, like excuses and procrastination.

All living things need rhythm. What satisfaction would you receive from sitting by an ocean without the soothing rhythm of the waves? What significance would the words of a song have without the flow of music? How would our interpretation of these very same lyrics shift with a variety of rhythms?

We humans need sadness to appreciate joy, illness to value health, loss to appreciate abundance, confusion to value clarity. We need day and night to balance one another out, seasons of the year along with seasons of our lives.

Balance, rhythm and flow are all gifts that compliment each other. When we are in rhythm, flow and balance naturally follows. When we are balanced, rhythm is more attainable. The end result is that time flies by, productivity and creativity increases along with joy and fulfillment.

When we are not in rhythm, it’s an uphill battle. This week, take time to discover which areas of your life are balanced, rhythmic or in flow. Areas that are not have likely lost one of these complimentary components.

For example, awakening early one day each week to write or exercise creates no rhythm. Getting up early five days in a row for eight straight weeks creates rhythm, resulting in the balance and flow you’re after.

Have a little fun with this concept, have patience with yourself, and enjoy your discoveries.


Ann Golden Eglé, MCC
Executive Coach & President
Golden Visions Success Coaching, LLC

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