Your Success Thought on "Intuition"
November 1, 2005

Fall is in the air. Just look around and see Mother Nature celebrating her final remnants of abundance before allowing them to rest for the winter. We too have much to celebrate as the season quickly changes. It is a time for fleece, football games, warm cozy fireplaces and shifting perspectives.

In this changing mode from the action of summer to the restfulness of fall, one quiet, unsung hero is our intrinsic ability to ‘intuit.’ Our intuition is more accessible to us during quiet times than when we are in constant motion.

Allowed to work its magic, intuition shifts modes of thought and behavior to be consistent with our deepest desires. As intuition remains a mystery to some, I wondered what Noah Webster had to say on the topic. Here it is:

“A mental view or perception - the act by which the mind perceives the agreement or disagreement of two ideas, or the truth of things, immediately, or the moment they are presented, without the intervention of other ideas, or without reasoning and deduction.”

The Oxford English dictionary had this to add: “the ability to understand or know something immediately, without conscious reasoning.”

What an incredible gift! We all have intuition—men, women, and especially children prior to adults taking it away through insisting on ‘reason’.

Our ability to listen to this quiet, graceful, amazingly accurate voice plays out in our every day choices and actions and consequently in the level of success we are able to attain.

We’ve learned lots since our birth. That knowledge waits in our subconscious ready for when a decision is needed, and then, ‘without conscious reasoning’ boom, it just ‘pops out’ or ‘flows’.

We don’t hover over our minds forcing for a decision. For those of us who’ve learned to trust our ‘intuitive hits’, we’ve come to expect and live by them.

For some of us soft intuitive messages appear in the form of whispers; for others, strong visions or still others, unmistakable vibrations (Goosebumps). Some of us feel it in our hearts, others solidly in our gut. The key is to know how and when your intuition communicates with you.

This ability to intuit has grown parallel to our belief system and experience. Sometimes, nature’s law came ‘as a schoolmaster’ to teach us whatever our lessons called for. If we didn't 'get' the lesson, it comes back to us again and again in harsher forms. All of these experiences create the abundance of our mentalities. There is truth in ‘everything happens for a reason.’

Take quiet moments to look back over last week. I know you’ll see the silent working of this powerful ability in your life as you made tough decisions, encountered unique experiences, parented your children, drove your cars, chose your meals or loved your partner.

Allow you’re intuition to ‘pop and flow’ this week. As with any close friend, if you honor and listen to it your intuition will become enthusiastically available to you. If you consistently choose to ignore it, your access will be denied.

Enjoy your discoveries.


Ann Golden Eglé, PCC, CPCC
Executive Coach & President
Golden Visions Success Coaching, LLC

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