Your Success Thought on "Powerful Perspectives"
October 12, 2005

A friend intrigued me at lunch last week while speaking joyously of her 42 year marriage. Oh how her eyes twinkled as she spoke of her husband, their relationship, falling in love the night they met and marrying just four months later.

For this couple the normal trials and tribulations of raising children, changing jobs and cities numerous times seemed to be a mere bump in the road. What was more important was their relationship and how they introduced their children to the world.

They focused on what was truly important, period. He didn’t take his rough days out on her and the kids and she wasn’t waiting at the door at day’s end to complain about her day. They lived in respect of each other and those around them.

What a powerful perspective from which to operate. What does a powerful perspective offer? A more enlinghtened viewpoint.

No matter what your scenario, there are numerous ways to look at it. Perspectives are something most of us take little time to explore. Instead, we slip into our standard mode of thinking which is not always productive or powerful.

Want to challenge yourself? Expand your perspectives. Pick a situation that troubles you. Now, how does the leader in you view this problem? What questions do you ask and to whom? How tuned in, insightful, thorough and decisive are you?

Now, switch gears. How does the victim view this scenario? What assumptions are made from this perspective? Where is the blame? Is anger and helplessness erupting? If so, this places you even deeper into the role of being a victim. Not too powerful.

Switch again. We all have feminine and masculine energy irrespective of our gender. How does your feminine perspective mold this situation? Do you come from a place of curiosity and creativity? Are you eager to learn more and give the benefit of the doubt?

Now switch to the male perspective. How ready are you to jump in and make things happen? Or does this perspective bring up objections, criticism? (In The Art of Start, author Guy Kawasaki suggests that if you have an idea, run it by a woman, as women want to create and men want to destroy.)

What about the perspective of a student, teacher, retiree, child, teen, 80 year old? You have so many perspectives to explore. Your world becomes larger with each one.

Which of these perspectives is most powerful for you? It depends on your challenge. Each one (other than the victim perspective) has it’s merits. The power lies in how well you know yourself and in your ability to choose your perspective in the moment.

My friend? Her husband died unexpectedly this last month. Roger was a gentle soul. Through her stories and powerful perspectives even after his passing, she inspired me to live more in the moment, be more appreciative of what I have, and choose my most powerful perspective.

I hope you do the same this week. Experiment with brand new perspectives, choose wisely and powerfully. Encourage others to do the same. Enjoy your discoveries!


Ann Golden Eglé, PCC, CPCC
Executive Coach & President
Golden Visions Success Coaching, LLC

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