Your Success Thought on "Solutions"
October 5, 2005

One aspect of human behavior fascinates me. Some of us focus on problems while others focus on solutions. Which are you?

While 90% of you answered that you focus on solutions, only 20% of you are accurate in that response. Here’s what this looks like.

You enter a meeting where twelve new ideas are presented to overcome an existing problem. You find fault with each concept, getting more and more agitated as time passes. Some call this due diligence. I call it narrow-minded thinking.

It’s easier for most of us to ruminate about the same old ‘worn out’ (albeit familiar) scenario than to risk an innovative, more creative solution. Know that entire organizations are run in this manner.

Learn from a three year old. He doesn’t focus on his problem of having the wrong toy for more than 30 seconds. Instead, he comes up with an instant new toy in a matter of seconds and he’s off and running in a new direction. No time wasted here.

Instead of focusing on what’s wrong, why not build upon what’s right? Perhaps this newly-presented approach has some merit but it’s simply not evolved yet? Perhaps the problem is only with part of the widget, not the entire design?

How does one go from problem to solution-oriented thinking?

    1) Become more aware of your thought process. Do you instantly discount new concepts or are you curious if they have some merit upon which to build?
    2) Ask for help. Ask those whom you trust to provide feedback. Is it easy to come to you with new ideas? What have they observed about how open you are?
    3) Encourage outrageous ideas. I read an article in Fast Company magazine a few years back about an organization that actually rewarded the week’s ‘dumbest ideas’ as these ideas more often than not turned out to be the most creative solutions.
    4) Notice solution-oriented individuals. How do they walk, talk and approach life? Are they good communicators? Good leaders? What effect do they have on those around them? Are their departments more lively and productive?

It’s been said that the sign of a true leader is that they are the change they want to see. How can you be that change this week? How can you step back far enough away from your problem to be more fully in view of your prized solution?

Enjoy your discoveries and have an enjoyable week.


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Ann Golden Eglé, PCC, CPCC
Executive Coach & President
Golden Visions Success Coaching, LLC

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