Your Success Thought on "Truth"
August 3, 2005

No matter what you tell yourself, there is only one truth to any given situation. Someone else may have their truth about the very same scenario but for you, only one. Getting to this point of honesty often takes more time and energy than you and I are willing to dedicate. The sad truth is that we fall prey to the easy route of quick assumptions, familiar old tapes or little white lies.

Even the most intuitive of us rarely knows what another is thinking. The savviest make false assumptions. While getting to the truth takes work, the rewards are many. With practice, the truth will:

  • Set you free to move on to the next issue “it is what it is”.
  • Cut through time spent in second guessing yourself or others.
  • Save relationships often severed by misunderstandings.
  • Simplify your life.

Let’s take a specific example. You're in an annual board meeting and an associate tears down every idea you present. What is the true in this instance? Below are some things that race through your mind:

  • “Perhaps I should sit down and stop talking now.”
  • “Are my ideas really that off base?”
  • “I’m being found out—I really am not strong enough for this position!”
  • “What is the hidden agenda?”
  • “Is she threatened by me?”
  • “Should I be threatened by him?”
  • “Is my job in jeopardy?”

See how quickly your mind jumps to assumptions? I suspect some of these statements are familiar to you! All the above tapes may be playing in your head at the same time. How productive is that?

The truth is that something outside this board room may have influnced this person. Perhaps she had an argument with her spouse that morning and is taking it out on you. The critic has their own agenda...yours is to decipher the truth.

Or, one of the above may actually be true. I can assure you that not all of these statements clouding your mind are true. You are sabotaging yourself with these falsities.

Your power lies in getting to the truth and eliminating all else. Elimate all false assumptions, old tapes and insecurities. Just let it go. Feel the freedom of breathing in deeply, and then letting go!

  • Simply ask yourself: “What is true?” (Hugely powerful!)
  • Ground yourself in order to slow down your thoughts. Even in the heat of the battle you can place both feet solidly on the floor to feel connected to the earth; drink water (not caffeine) and pay close attention to your breathing. The deeper you breath, the more grounded you’ll feel.
  • Notice what else is happening. During stressful times like this we often get caught up in our own fast thinking. Slow down and notice how others are reacting, notice the person who is delivering the attacks, what else is there to learn? What is the truth about him or the energy in the room?
  • My challenge you to this week is two fold: 1) Send this 'success thought' to 5-10 associates with whom you value and would like to heighten your honest communication with. Plan a time to get together to discuss a plan to do so. 2) Get to the bottom line 'truth' in at least one situation each day this coming week. Ask questions, slow down your thinking, get really curious and enjoy your discoveries!

    Have a fabulously truthful week!

    Ann Golden Eglé, PCC, CPCC
    Executive Coach & President
    Golden Visions Success Coaching, LLC

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