Your Success Thought on "Belief"
June 29, 2005

How often do you question your belief system? You know--the one that guides all that you experience and attain in life?

Here's what most of us don't fully comprehend--our beliefs about such issues as money, success, beauty, self-worth, integrity and so much more are formed at very early stages in our lives and then become as strong and solid as cement.

This cement forms our foundation. I often write about foundation as being essential to any structure, including the structure of your thoughts and actions.

Think of the building you're in at this moment. What if it had a faulty foundation? What if it was formed based on 20-30-40 year old thinking, not upon more updated and pertinent data? How secure would you feel?

Studies show that our beliefs are set as a child, say 5-6 years old, and are then never questioned. We hear our parents fight about money for example and our belief is set in stone at that moment. Success blocking beliefs I've come across in the area of money for example are:

  • There's never enough
  • Too much creates problems
  • Money is evil
  • I'm not deserving
  • Money causes arguments
  • Those who have money are bad, stingy, dishonest
  • Those who have little money are lazy, not to be trusted, criminals
  • Money is not spiritual

You can substitute the word 'success' for any of these beliefs. For example: "If I become too successful I'll not have time for what is really important in life."

How does one change these beliefs? Ask a very simple question: "What is true?"

  • For me is it true that there's never enough?
  • For me, is it true that money is evil?
  • For me, is it true that my quality of life will evaporate if I become too successful or wealthy?

This week, slow down long enough to realize where you may be blocking the flow of money, success, or love to you with your own unsubstantiated beliefs.

Enjoy your discoveries and have a great week!

Ann Golden Eglé, PCC, CPCC
Executive Coach & President
Golden Visions Success Coaching, LLC

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