Your Success Thought on "Authenticity"
May 11, 2005

Great leaders have many traits in common, one of which is 'authenticity'. What is authenticity? It is clearly seeing and knowing all of 'you'--the good, bad and ugly.

It's you accepting the aspects of who you are that you want to ignore or even hide. When you don't accept all aspects of yourself you create two fatal errors.

First, what you resist persists. If you resist your fear, it only builds. If you resist your anger, it grows larger and larger until it becomes unmanageable.

On the other hand if you take a good hard look at yourself; ask others for feedback, and admit who you are-the good, bad and ugly (and we all have good, bad and ugly aspects to us) then you can make a plan.

For example, if you have a fear of public speaking or sense that you are not the best communicator, join Toastmasters or a support group to help you become more proficient. The added benefit is that you become a more authentic communicator.

We all know would-be leaders who failed due to improper communication. Had they accepted this weakness and formed a plan to overcome it, they would have succeeded.

Secondly, the traits you don't want to admit to may actually be key in moving you forward. Take the people-pleaser for example. Male or female, this person wants to be thought of as a team player, accommodator, the one who doesn't rock the boat.

Their biggest fear is to be labeled a manipulator or worse.

Strong leaders aren't always team players or accommodating and they definitely rock boats! Additionally, they know how to tap into all authentic sides of themselves in order to make things happen. They see their ability to be multifaceted as a tool rather than something to hide.

Here's what authenticity may sound like: "I am a strong leader and sometimes I am weak; I am generous yet sometimes I am frugal; I am a gregarious person and love to be the entertainer yet deeply value my quiet time; I am one of the most compassionate people you'll ever meet yet you don't want to be on my bad side!"

This week give yourself full permission to let all authenticity shine. You may be surprised at what opens up for you.

Enjoy your discoveries and have a great week!

Ann Golden Eglé, PCC, CPCC
Executive Coach & President
Golden Visions Success Coaching, LLC

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