A Thought For You on "Delegation and Credit"
March 2, 2005

Each week I hear the following from my brilliant clients "I want give my team more to do, but I'm too busy to figure it out and they are also busy. How can they take on more responsibilities?" Aside from the obvious time management benefits, delegation and giving credit are two of your most powerful tools for success.

Managers who don't delegate entertain the belief that they have to direct every aspect of execution. This is not true. In fact studies show that employees are more likely to stay in their position and excel when they are both challenged and appreciated.

To build a success-oriented team simply provide clear expectations and encourage creativity and discovery, their own unique way of execution. You cannot do it all, but you can build a strong, dynamic, energetic team to do it for you. Everyone wins!

Apparently author Jeffrey J Fox agrees. Here are some suggestions found in his book How to Become a CEO:

  • Know that your people make things happen, not you.
  • Give your winners trust, independence, praise, freedom and encouragement to solve their problems. Encourage new and creative approaches.
  • If trusted, they will trust back, if respected, they will respect back. They'll propel you to the top.
  • People are not dumb. They are not in business to lose money or to make mistakes and enemies. What they need is freedom, respect and encouragement.

Give everybody 100 percent credit for the work they do. If you have five people reporting to you and each gets 100 percent credit, you get 500 percent effort.

Many managers don't understand this. They think if their people look too good, they'll be diminished. They think they have to have some of the credit, so they steal it. They tell their boss, colleagues, and even the guy who did the work that they were really responsible.

Give proper credit and you will become known as a credit maker, as somebody who gets things done, as a person to work for. Your people will work very hard as they know they will be recognized.

In giving this concept of delegation and credit thought this week, you'll open up to higher levels of success. And, your team will immediately see and feel the difference. Who amongst us would not thrive from someone placing more faith in our abilities and then giving us 100% credit?

Have a great week and enjoy your discoveries!

Ann Golden Eglé, PCC, CPCC
Executive Coach & President
Golden Visions Success Coaching, LLC

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