A Thought For You on "Baby Steps"
February 16, 2005

You don't have to be a savvy business person to know that anything you want to learn about negotiation can be learned from a two-year old. I had the great fortune of spending the weekend with Sydney, our friend's two-year old and learned a lot.

To get what you want simply be tenacious, patient and completely focused. A cat at our ski lodge captured Sydney's attention. Never once did she pause to think: 'What if Oreo is too busy?' 'What if he thinks I'm too forward?' "What if he isn't interested?"

Instead, Sydney set her sights on what she wanted and went after it. She quite literally took baby steps to get Oreo's attention. She spotted him across the room and somehow knew that if she rushed him he would have leaped away.

How did she know this? The intuition of a two-year old! Sadly the gift of intuition we are born with is stomped upon enough in our earlier years that we lose faith in it.

Sydney did not doubt herself for a second. We chuckled at the power of her baby steps. Itsy, bitsy little half foot steps taken to get what she wanted. She maintained absolute focus. No one could have dissuaded her. And it worked.

Oreo rolled over, proudly displaying his stretched out stomach to her sheer joy. They played for the remainder of the weekend.

It's too easy to forget the power of baby steps in this insanely busy world. Sure, we advise others: 'take baby steps!' Yet in reality our vision becomes blurred with 'what ifs', instead of strategy, patience and focus.

New clients often confess that taking baby steps is not their strong suit. They dive in, oftentimes with less than desirable results. Sydney teaches us that patience is sometimes the only strategy to attain our goal.

With Oreo, no other strategy would have worked. Sydney could have ranted and raved all weekend long, never capturing his interest. Did she rant and rave over the weekend? You bet, when she knew that was the appropriate strategy to attain her goal.

In what area of life will baby steps be the best strategy for you this week? Have a fabulous week and enjoy your discoveries!

Ann Golden Eglé, PCC, CPCC
Executive Coach & President
Golden Visions Success Coaching, LLC

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