A Thought For You on "Life Lessons"
February 9, 2005

When the lesson is to be learned, the teacher appears. What happens when the teacher appears and we're not open to learning?

The lesson comes back again and again, each time in harsher form until it clicks with us. We then get that 'ah-ha!' and think we're brilliant.

For example, guilt ridden after her divorce two years ago, client Michelle dated numerous men that ended up 'hurting' her. Each love interest hurt her deeper and deeper. Michelle's confidence crumbled.

Brent, George, Ted and Nick were all Michelle's teachers, though she refused to recognize this. To get her attention, each lesson burned her more than the last.

What prevents us from 'getting' our life lessons the first time around? PAIN!

  • Pessimism-believing that things will never get better
  • Arrogance-thinking that we know it all
  • Impatience-if it's not clear here and now, we dig no deeper
  • Narrow Focus-Michelle was focused solely on not hurting someone else losing sight of her passion to be happy and fulfilled

What allows us to get over ourselves in order to 'accept' valuable life lessons?

  • Curiosity-and ask 'what am I supposed to learn here' and then be still
  • Patience-a key factor in getting anything that is truly of value to us
  • Trust-the teachers and answers as they appear, avoid analysis-paralysis
  • Step back-from your situation to see the true meaning
  • Awareness-stop and breathe, be aware of the messages coming to you

Michelle stopped her rollercoaster ride of one damaging relationship to the next. She followed the above steps to gain clarity. By pinpointing her pattern she was able to change it. You can too.

Valentines week is about love. Intimate relationships certainly provide an education. However your learning opportunities can be grander. Love touches your heart, from a sunset to a child's laughter to looking in the mirror and being happy with whom you have become. What do you imagine is looming out there for you to learn?

Have a great week and enjoy your discoveries!

Ann Golden Eglé, PCC, CPCC
Executive Coach & President
Golden Visions Success Coaching, LLC

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