A Thought For You on "Stimulation"
February 2, 2005

Visualize your favorite indoor plant without the benefit of fertilizer. It may have the survival basics of water and sunlight. Yet, without fertilizer to stimulate it, will your plant blossom into its true colors? Will it become brilliant, even breathtaking?

Not a chance. It will become leggy, an eyesore rather than something to be admired. Deprived of stimulation it may die prematurely, never having known how brilliant it could have been.

What do you require in order to blossom and become your most vibrant, even breathtaking self? Are you giving this to yourself? Every aspect of 'you' thirsts for daily stimulation, from your skin cells to your belief system.

As we reach high levels of brilliance in one area of our lives, say professionally, other areas often become dim. This is why we suddenly find ourselves overweight, out of touch with our friends, ourselves and mentally or emotionally deficient.

What happens? In our race-to-the-top we focused our energy solely in one area, just like fertilizing only one section of the garden and neglecting others. It makes sense doesn't it? "I want to blast through these barriers so the rest can wait for now!"

The result: 1) severe lack of growth, and, 2) a slow and premature death.

Stimulation feels masterful. It captures your creativity and makes life worth living. It's fun. When you feel enlivened ideas flow easily. Life is simply not a struggle. You amaze yourself and everyone around you.

The opposite side of the pendulum also exists. Perhaps you easily stimulate your mind professionally but it is more of a struggle at home, thus easier to avoid.

This week, take inventory. Where do you feel nourished and growing? What stimuli created this sensation? Where are in trouble and in need stimulation? Create a plan of action. The type of fertilizer and strength of application is up to you!

Be creative, think boldly and enjoy your discoveries.

Ann Golden Eglé, PCC, CPCC
Executive Coach & President
Golden Visions Success Coaching, LLC

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