A Thought For You on "Authenticity"
January 12, 2005

One of the truly delightful aspects of my profession is that in a single day I get to coach such diverse clients as a CEO, author, business owner, community activist and a nationally recognized sales executive. Though their challenges may appear to be miles apart on the surface, their solutions often carry similar themes.

This week's theme is 'authenticity.' I believe there are three primary components to being an authentic individual, thus living an authentic life:

1) Honor who you are as you grow and change with new, insightful experiences. Don't get stuck in 'that's not me', as you don't really know who you will be in new scenarios until you step into them. Perhaps you weren't a public speaker last year, but something stimulated you to develop this talent. Now you are an articulate and sought after presenter in an area that you are passionate about. Allow yourself to continually discover who you are becoming.

2) Celebrate others' authenticity. Delight in them being themselves. Encourage those around you to stretch and grow. Look at how your favorite actor has evolved from his/her early movies. The basics are still there but through hard work and exploration they have become more refined and authentic.

3) Protect authenticity at all costs. If someone wishes to stifle your authenticity, modify your situation immediately. If you witness a loved one or associate limiting their potential by trying too hard to emulating another person whom they respect, let them know the importance of being true to who they are.

Authenticity is a top value for many of my high level clients. It is vital for them to operate in an open atmosphere where they are valued for being whom they are. When they run into challenges, it is often due to a lack of authenticity. For example, a direct report may not be fully honest or an associate may want subordinates to act in a certain acceptable manner when creativity is what is really needed.

This week, ask yourself how authentically you lead your life. Be honest. We are lucky to live in a society that, for the most part, allows us to explore who we are and speak and act freely. Celebrate this freedom in the most authentic way imaginable.

Enjoy your discoveries,

Ann Golden Eglé,
Executive Coach & President
Golden Visions Success Coaching, LLC

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