A Thought For You on "Zeal"
January 5, 2005

Zeal, what a fabulous word! The concept brings about an immediate emotional response. Individuals with zeal possess an unmistakably contagious zest for life.

Imagine a child swinging freely through the air while securely attached to her parent's strong hands. Imagine the laughter exuding from the brilliantly dressed skaters in New York's Central Park; the eyes of a bride-to-be seconds after the question has been asked and answered; the look a grand parent gives each grandchild upon birth.

With focus, these emotions don't go away. Once experienced, they become a part of us. Our job is to create and recreate these rich experiences for ourselves as often as possible. It really isn't hard if you simply eliminate that which is not essential to you.

Webster's Dictionary defines zeal as eagerness and ardent interest in pursuit of something. What if you were to enter this brand new year with your own unmistakable sense of eager and ardent sense of personal zeal! Something that is unique to you.

In Authentic Happiness, author Martin Seligman, PhD asks the question: Are you a spirited person? Do you throw yourself, body and soul, into the activities you undertake? Do you wake up in the morning looking forward to the day? Is the passion that you bring to activities infectious? Do you feel inspired? Are you inspired?

Most people get so caught up in the heaviness of having a 'New Years Resolution' this first week in January that they forget what is truly important to them. For many of us, a New Year resolution only serves to ignite destructive emotions of past personal failure.

Isn't a resolution your personal resolve to change something that is not working for you, never has and never will? Isn't the real goal to experience what you had once but lost or perhaps even more enticing, have not yet experienced? Perhaps zeal or more spirit?

If this is the case, forget about the pressure of a 'resolution' and this year step into your zeal. Sound like more fun? And haven't studies shown higher success rates when the student is having fun?

Consider what you eagerly and ardently want to pursue. Lighten up on yourself. Shake off the heaviness of what you should do and focus instead upon what enhances you. You do know that the sky isn't even the limit by now, don't you?

Be bold, curious and tenacious in pursuit of your zeal. Allow no one and nothing to get in your way. Enjoy each and every one of your discoveries!

Enjoy each and every one of your discoveries!
Ann Golden Eglé, Executive Coach & President
Golden Visions Success Coaching

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