A Thought on "Momentum"
December 07, 2004

Some lessons are impossible to forget. One such lesson for me pertained to 'momentum lost during the holidays'. It began innocently enough. I was in a sales field that was nearly nonexistent in December. I enjoyed winding down a spectacular year, my best ever.

I was exhausted, albeit exhilarated by the momentum that had revved up stronger and stronger with each of the previous eleven months. Though it was typical for others in my field to slack off during the slower, festive holiday season, I never did.

That year, however, I decided to join them in celebrating a triumphant year by taking December off. Big mistake! Was it fun to release the driving energy that made my year so successful in the first place? Yes. Was it worth the price I paid? No!

I did not have a closing, AKA paycheck, the entire first quarter of the ensuing year! It was tougher than ever to gain back the enthusiasm, creativity and driving force that had produced such amazing results the previous years!

With every business there is a process to go through as year-end approaches in order to set you up for a killer New Year. Learn from my mistake and go through a process, any process to complete your year and establish a strategic position to begin your New Year.

Here are suggestions to keep your momentum going. Choosing even one or two will put you ahead of the game in 2005.

  • Set goals.
  • One would assume goal- setting to be a part of year-end activities for any business. In reality it is not. Get a clear vision of what you want to accomplish. What do you want your business to look like next year at this time?
  • Survey your clients.
  • Both those who purchased from or hired you and those who did not. Discover what went right so that you can build upon these strengths and also what can be improved upon.
  • Update your marketing plan.
  • Does it represent who and what you are as a business today? Or, is it five years old? What activities created volume in 2004? What systems can you put into place to keep better track in 2005?
  • Look for areas in your business to expand, enhance or eliminate.
  • Are there segments of your market that you're too busy to deal with and are passing you by? Are you in autopilot in other areas that no longer produce for you? What can you eliminate? Who/what can help you? Who/what is hindering you?
  • Open up to creativity in surprising places.
  • Ask for creative ideas from your team, clients and associates. Reward 'stupid' ideas as they are often the money makers. Be open to new concepts that may come from very strange sources.

Celebrate your successes. Learn from all else. Allow the pulsating momentum that you produced in 2004 to work for you as you enter 2005. Being proactive this time of year, will lead you and your business to the prosperous New Year that you are after!

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