Thought of the Week on "Relationships"
December 1, 2004

Just a few days before Thanksgiving last week, I began to write my 'Thought of the Week' on the importance of relationships. My focus was on how we overlook the excellence of a holiday. Is it a time to spend with loved ones or an opportunity to stress out?

Does it truly matter if the turkey takes an extra 20 minutes to cook? Can't we try a little harder to find something to like in Cousin Bill's new friend? In the long run, who cares what Aunt Jane said four years ago? Being human, she is entitled to her opinions.

I wrote about how we humans come together only a few times in our lives when the only thing that matters is love & relationships. Those times are birth, marriage and death. Additionally 9/11 brought us all together as one.

I wrote about a wedding that I was honored to officiate a few months back. This was such an occasion-the bride and groom were madly in love. The day was perfect. Love was in the air. All else lost its significance. It was relationship excellence at its finest.

Then, as I was writing and as if to prove my point, I got a phone call. My uncle had passed away. In a matter of hours I was on a plane headed to Detroit. The ensuing 48 hours of stories, testimonials and eulogies proved my point. Relationships were all that mattered.

Did this man have stress in his life? Absolutely! Aside from 40 years as a thoracic surgeon he raised twelve children, had 41 grandchildren and 4 great grandchildren.

Was his focus solely on his voluminous stresses? No. Remembrance after remembrance proved his focus to be on doing his very best in the moment. You could see it in his loved one's faces and hear it in their quivering voices.

Relationships were vital to this man. He made everyone, from the janitor at the hospital to his newest born granddaughter aware of how special they were. Can we say the same of the relationships we have in our lives? Or, do we allow stresses to interfere?

There is something about seeing a person in a casket that makes you forget about all else and just see their soul, their spirit, who they really are.

We all make mistakes. We also excel. I don't know that anyone has laid on their deathbed pleased that they held grudges. They may however wish they had clung onto their relationships tighter - that they had told more people how much they cared, shown more gratitude and been more forgiving.

Why not make this holiday season matter. Figure out a way to handle the stresses, perceived or real. Reignite relationships that may have disintegrated. Forgive and forget. Let the people around you know how they contribute to your life. Each one is there for a purpose, even if you have not figured it out yet.

Enjoy your discoveries! Enjoy your relationships! Surround yourself with love this holiday season.


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