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94-year-old dance legend Mary Anthony captured the audience at the 92ndStY when she told this story: When auditioning her now famous solo, "Lady Macbeth," for Louis Horst in 1948, she (out of nervousness) pierced her head with the small dagger she puts in her hair after dancing with it.  By the time she finished the dance, a small line of blood slowly traveled down the back of her long white costume leaving a few drops on the floor!  After the piece was over, Louis said, "that was a very good piece, Mary, but I think the ending was a little too realistic!"

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Peter Espiritu performs a traditional Hula

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Former Nikolais dancer Suzie Macdermaid Fridell
(Photo: Whitney Brown)

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Polynesian dancer Laisa Ro'i dazzles in Hawaii

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Beverly Blossom remembers Alwin Nikolais
(Photo: Whitney Brown)

Arthur Aviles at the 92ndStY
(Photo: Julie Lemberger 2010 for 92 Y)

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Dance legends Claudia Gitelman and Charles Reinhart reminisce at the 92ndStY.
(Photo: Julie Lemberger 2010 for 92Y)


Alberto (Tito) Del Saz performs at the Alwin Nikolais Centennial (photo by Whitney Browne)

Dear Friends,


Welcome to the first edition of the Horse's Mouth newsletter! It is our way of keeping you informed of our activities. 2010 has been a busy year so far with three very special celebrations close to home and our very first Hawaiian chapter of Horse's Mouth on the beautiful island of Oahu.


Celebrating 75 years of Dance at the 92nd Street Y

In late February, From the Horse's Mouth was honored to be part of the Harkness Dance Festival's celebration of 75 years of dance at the 92nd Street YMHA, which has been the home of modern dance from 1935 to the present. Over three days, the performances featured nearly 90 dancers who had performed throughout the decades at the Y - many of whom launched their careers there and went on to become internationally renowned.  Among the Horse's Mouth cast were Martine van Hamel, Charles Reinhart, Carmen de Lavallade, Gus Solomons jr, Don Redlich, and the amazing Mary Anthony, age 94.


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Horse's Mouth Hits Honolulu

Never has there been such diversity in dance styles displayed on stage! Highlighted by memorable interpretations of the Ancient traditional Hula - complete with musicians and chanters - the two March performances by the Hawaiian cast of Horse's Mouth included African, B-boy, Belly dance, Bharatanatym, Capoeira, Chinese, Drag, Hip Hop, Korean, Okinawan, Samba, Tahitian, and Tango. Organized and curated by Betsy Fisher, former rehearsal director of the Murray Louis Dance Company, the performances were hosted by University of Hawaii-Manoa and Tim Bostock Productions and were held at the Kennedy Theater at UH-Manoa, where Betsy is on the faculty. Photo: Tina and Jamie share the Aloha spirit with Samba dancer Carmen Linhares and Mestre Kinah, a Capoeira master.


Honoring Hartford's Ted Hershey

In a very special tribute to her late husband Ted Hershey, Laura Glenn invited From the Horse's Mouth to create a performance in his honor at Bushnell's Belding Theater in Hartford, Connecticut. A beloved dancer, teacher, and choreographer, Mr. Hershey passed away twelve years ago. The tribute on April 11 featured dancers who had danced with or studied with him. Ted Hershey was a principal dancer with the Hartford Ballet for thirteen years. Among those who sent their stories of love and admiration to be read, were Michael Uthoff, who founded the Hartford Ballet and served as its artistic director for 20 years, and Robby Barnett, one of the artistic directors of Pilobolus.


Remembering Nik

On April 30, Horse's Mouth took part in the Alwin Nikolais Centennial Celebration in New York. For almost sixty years, Alwin Nikolais was modern dance's pioneer of multimedia, creating his own aesthetic - a theater of movement, sound and light. Organized by former Nikolais dancer Alberto Del Saz, who is now artistic director of the Nikolais Louis Foundation for Dance, the performance was held at the Abrons Arts Center and featured such dance luminaries as Murray Louis, Tandy Beal, Beverly Blossom, Phyllis Lamhut, Dorothy Vislocky and Gladis Bailin.  Alwin Nikolais was remembered as a truly amazing personality, creative in every aspect of his work as well as encouraging and supportive of all who studied and danced with him.

Tina and Jamie would love to bring From the Horse's Mouth to your community. If you know of an organization that is celebrating an occasion or commemorating an event, and you think it lends itself to a special Horse's Mouth chapter, please be in touch with our management company. This makes a wonderful fundraising event.
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