Click here to take the cultural planning survey!Would you be willing to invest five to ten minutes (or so) to help us map the future of the arts in Rhode Island?

The Rhode Island State Council on the Arts, in cooperation with the City of Providence's Department of Art, Culture + Tourism, is planning for the future of the arts in Rhode Island.

As part of this process we are asking everyone -- artists, audiences, elected officials, policy makers, business people and just plain folk -- to contribute to the plan.


The survey should only take five to ten minutes (or so) to complete, and your opinions and advice are important to us.

By the way, congratulations if you've gotten more than one request to fill out the survey.  It means you are well connected!

More about the planning process
A Collaboration At Many Levels
Rhode-Mapping the Arts is a collaborative effort.  Both the City of Providence and the State Arts Council were "planning to plan."  The Arts & Business Council of Rhode Island was engaged in a major arts marketing study.  Rhode Island Citizens for the Arts had identified "statewide cultural planning" as a need in its latest strategic plan.  So we combined our efforts.

The City of Providence's Department of Art, Culture + Tourism engaged respected cultural planner Craig Dreeszen to do an extensive cultural plan for the City, in cooperation with New Commons, a Providence-based "think, link and do" tank.  The State asked Mr. Dreeszen to work on cultural planning on a statewide level.  By combining our efforts the State would get a much more intensive look at the City and its arts needs and issues.  The City would benefit from what was learned from a series of statewide focus groups, meetings and conversations. The information gathered by the Arts & Business Council of Rhode Island's arts marketing study (conducted by Donald Keinz and the Acadia Consulting Group) would feed information on audience and arts "consumers" trends into the planning process.A series of focus groups, organized by Rhode Island Citizens for the Arts, would also feed into this combined effort.
So What's Next?
The Process Continues
a young artist at workHere's a look at what will happen here at RISCA.

First, you fill out your survey!  The survey will be active through mid-November.  While this is going on dozens of focus groups, small meetings and individual interviews will be happening throughout the state. 

Survey results, along with a massive amount of rich information from all these group and individual discussions, along with the arts marketing study, will be reviewed and observations will be made based on all the findings.

The RISCA Council and staff will hold a day-long retreat to review the findings and with our cultural planner identify priorities and develop broad goals and objectives, which we will begin to share with the community sometime in the Spring of 2009.  We'll encourage you to tell us what you think of the direction this plan is taking.

By the end of Spring we'll have incorporated your thoughts into a draft that will be reviewed by the State Arts Council board in May, after which we will have an opportunity (or several opportunities) for more formal public comment on the plan.

If all goes well, the State Arts Council board will adopt the final plan at its June 2009 meeting.

There's lots to do between then and now, so take the first step and fill out the survey.  Click on the Rhode-Map above (or here) to start the journey!
Thanks for all your help, now and in the months to come as we work on this Rhode-Map for the Arts in Rhode Island.
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Randall Rosenbaum
RI State Council on the Arts
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A group planning session with New Commons and the City of Providence
Caution: Cultural Planning Ahead!

Feel like contributing to our cultural plan.  Have some forward-thinking friends?  Send me an email and let me know of your interest, and we'll find some way to get you involved.