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Boise, ID -- 09/25/12 - Boise School Board members have taken a vote NO position on all three education propositions that will come before voters on election day, Tuesday, November 6th.  


It is the Board's policy to keep students as the first priority. The Board evaluates each program, policy and initiative with the question, "What difference does this make for students?"    


In releasing a detailed analysis of the impact of the Propositions on the District, Board President  AJ Balukoff explained,  "We have an obligation as the governing body of the Boise School District to use research, best practice and data to provide the best education possible for our students. This includes communicating the implications of new laws for our students, parents, teachers, and our community."


The Students Come First legislation restricts what school boards are allowed to negotiate with their teachers, establishes a pay-for-performance bonus system for teachers, diverts funding from local districts to pay for laptops for all high school students, and requires online courses for graduation.


"These three laws politicize public education by taking authority and discretion from locally elected school boards and concentrating it in the Office of the State Superintendent," said Balukoff.  "Our state officials would not stand for this kind of micromanaging from the Federal Government."   


The Board encourages voters to vote NO on Proposition 1, 2 & 3 for a number of reasons, including:


  • No evidence demonstrating pay-for-performance plans improve student performance or preparedness for college and career;
  • No plan demonstrating how technology funds would translate into increased student achievement or better prepare students for college and career;
  • No data identifying the technology needs in each of Idaho's school districts;   
  • Less funding for districts hard hit in this economy to pay for a state mandated technology initiative, including laptop purchases;   
  • Earmarking $80 million per year to fund Students Come First laws ($7.2 million for the Boise School District); and 
  • Mandating a one-size-fits-all solution for every Idaho school district.  
"The Boise School District has long been a leader in maintaining positive working relationships with our teachers, improving student preparedness for a 21st Century career or college experience, and working to reform and continually improve upon the learning experience for ALL students," said District Superintendent Dr. Don Coberly.  "This includes the integration of technology in the classroom and embracing accountability measures to improve teacher performance.  As always, the Boise School District remains committed to our students, parents, classroom teachers, patrons and staff throughout changes happening around us."


The Board's position on Propositions 1, 2 & 3 can be found at under Current Highlights and Events. 


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