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Remaining One Book Sacramento programs include film screenings,  craft making, stories of our nation's founding history, micro-essay contest, book discussions, and more. Highlighted programs are:


Initiatives Demystified: A Non-Partisan Explainer: Wednesday, October 17, 6 p.m. in the Tsakopoulos Library Galleria, Central Library. A panel of scholars and non-partisan activists will explain details of the 2012 California ballot measures. The program is presented by the CSUS Project for an Informed Electorate. 


Constitution Café with author Christopher Phillips, Ph.D.: Thursday, October 18, 6:30 p.m. in the Tsakopoulos Library Galleria, Central Library. Dr. Phillips will discuss his goal to generate a new, nationwide Constitutional Convention to help Americans better understand and challenge our most fundamental freedoms.


Please click here for more information on upcoming One Book Sacramento programs.

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Haunted Stacks
Recycling at the Library
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Library News 
October/November 2012
From the Director

If there is going to be change, real change, it will have to work its way from the bottom up, from the people themselves. That is how change happens."


 -- Howard Zinn, American academic historian, author, playwright, and social activist (1922 - 2010)


When Sacramento Public Library staff first began talking about the idea of engaging our community around the U.S. Constitution, we had some doubts. Would people attend the programs we had planned?


Our worst fears turned out to be unfounded. Programs are going well, people are engaged around the idea of reading the Constitution, and who knows?


Programs are being met with real enthusiasm and people are excited about this year's One Book Sacramento project. If you haven't attended one of our dozens of programs, it's not too late! Whether it's singing along to the musical, 1776, or finding out what you don't know about this year's ballot initiatives, Sacramento Public Library has something for you.


We believe the library is the American institution that best represents our democracy. So, come out and join us for a celebration for life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. It can be found at your local Sacramento Public Library.


Rivkah K. Sass,
Library Director

National Federation of the Blind Agreement


In 2011 the Sacramento Public Library began piloting a Nook e-reader lending project. The library was able to purchase 300 Nooks and begin loaning them to library users. While this project was very successful with patrons, the National Federation for the Blind expressed concern that a public library was lending Nook devices that were not accessible to blind and low-vision users. As a result, the U.S. Department of Justice contacted Sacramento Public Library staff to begin working through the issues with a goal of reaching an agreement that was acceptable to all parties.


Because the Nook project was originally funded through an LSTA (Library Services and Technology Act) grant administered by the California State Library, staff from the State Library, the California State Library's Braille and Talking Book Library and Sacramento Public Library worked on a solution that would be acceptable to all parties.


After discussions occurring over a period of several months, Sacramento Public Library has agreed to purchase no new devices that might be considered inaccessible and to launch a pilot project with accessible devices for blind and low vision patrons who might want to use the public library rather than the Braille and Talking Book Library. In mid-February 2013 the Library will deploy 18 iPod Touch devices for use by Sacramento Public Library patrons who are blind, or others requiring accessibility features unavailable in accessible formats already loaned by the Library. The iPod Touches will contain the same eBook titles as the Nooks, provided it is available from Apple. 


The Library is committed to serving our entire community and strives to make as many formats available as possible to serve the diverse needs of our community.


More information about the requirements of the Hearing eBooks project is available on the Library website. 

"Make a Difference" with KXTV News 10 and the Library on October 27


KXTV News10 wants to help you fix up your library, get new books on the shelves and recruit new volunteers as part of the company's national volunteerism project, Gannett's Make a Difference Day on October 27.


As part of News10's ongoing Reading Connects literacy program, News10 has expanded its partnership with the Sacramento Public Library to include other libraries and Friends of the Library from all over the area to create an unprecedented library and reading support program.


News10 is asking you to donate money, books equipment and/or volunteer to help your local library branch. On October 27's Make A Difference Day, News10 will hold a book drive and station employees will donate their time and materials to refurbish the South Natomas Library, as an example of what people can do to help at their own local library.


To find-out how you can make a difference on Make a Difference Day contact your local library and stay-tuned to News10 and News10.net for continuous updates as we approach the big day!


Mellisa Paul, News10 Community Liaison Director and Sacramento & Company Hostess

Library Hosts Art Programs to Celebrate ARTober


Sacramento Public Library is joining other Sacramento agencies to     celebrate the second annual ARTober with art-related programs throughout October which is National Arts and Humanities Month. Selected library locations will host free programs that highlight the talent and creativity of artists throughout the region. A schedule of ARTober library programs is available at www.saclibrary.org.

Zombies and Ghosts to Roam Central Library


The dead will come to life at the Central Library. The third annual Haunted Stacks will be Friday, October 26, from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. The program is Sacramento's positively creepiest and most educational haunted library tour.  There will be a screening of a classic scary flick in the adjacent Tsakopoulos Library Galleria and escorted haunted tours of the Sacramento Room during the film showing.


Visitors will be transported to 1900 Sacramento to meet such re-enactor ghosts as Miss Alice Curtis, who died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the chest over a lost love and melancholia, and Adelbert B. C. Devendorf, a Civil War veteran, who was a victim of accidental poisoning by strychnine, taken legitimately for chills.


Haunted Stacks is recommended for ages 10 and up.  No advance registration is required; however, tour space is limited, so participants are encouraged to arrive by 7 p.m. to sign up for the tours.


Combining the spirit of Halloween with the coming zombie apocalypse, the entire Central Library will be used for an adventure to survive, find useful items and save the world on Saturday, October 27 from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. Zombie Scavenger Hunt II: The Necromancer's Plot is for ages 14 - 24. Registration is required by calling the library at (916) 264-2920 or going online.

What's an MRF?


The recycling industry has changed over the last few years and Sacramento Public Library is benefitting from the changes. New trash and recycling agreements at 20 branch libraries mean big budget savings for our library system and more efficient handling of recyclables for our staff and patrons.


It is no longer necessary to separate recyclables from the trash. Allied Waste, the new service provider for ten of our City of Sacramento library branches, will take it all to the Materials Recovery Facility (MRF) and, through ingenious processing methods, automatically separate the recyclables from the waste. Allied Waste has found the vast majority of the library's trash is actually recyclable!


The annual savings from this new system are estimated to be $38,000 per year, or $159 per branch per month. Paper, cardboard, cans, bottles - it all adds up to big savings.   So Reduce, Reuse and Recycle at your library.

Library Serves Sacramento's Japanese Readers


At the beginning of the 20th century, the Sacramento River Delta was home to a large population of Japanese immigrants, with such towns as Walnut Grove and Florin founded as Japanese farming communities. After the Sacramento County Library was established in 1920, numerous small contract "library stations" sprung up in the Delta, some of which were requested by or primarily served Japanese children. However, after Japanese internment during the Second World War, these populations dwindled and library service followed. 

Children celebrate the Japanese Feast of Girls

in the Children's Reading Room at the

Sacramento City Library, 1929.


In June 1929, a small contract station was established in Walnut Grove in the home of volunteer custodian Mr. T. Terami. It provided free library service so that, "Japanese children may have the opportunity of learning to read English more readily." On March 1, 1933, a request was granted for the establishment of a branch for the use of the young people of the Japanese Christian Church of Mayhew Japanese Colony, located south of Highway 50, between Bradshaw and Mayhew roads. Twenty-five books were installed for the use of young people between the ages of 10 and 18 on June 30, 1933.


The largest library with a significant Japanese readership was the Hancock Branch Library, which opened at 1526 Fifth Street, Sacramento, in June 1935, with 880 books in its collection. At the time, it was one of only four city branches, along with the Ella K. McClatchy Young People's Library, Oak Park Library, and McKinley Library. Named after the first city librarian, Caroline G. Hancock, it served children of all nationalities, but became known as the "Japanese Library." In 1936, the number of books checked out was 8,659 per year. By 1941, it had grown to 3,515 per month; however, after the order for Japanese internment, the number fell to 844. Circulation had fallen to 200 after the evacuation, and the branch closed in June 1942.


Editor's note: The Sacramento Public Library is pleased to regularly feature a snapshot of its 154-year history. To learn more about the library and the greater Sacramento region's history, please visit the Sacramento Room archives at the Central Library.

Why I Love My Library


I love to read. But I never frequented the library until I retired. Too impatient, I guess, to wait long for the latest releases, I either bought my books at a bookstore or with the creation of Amazon, I ordered them on-line. But with retirement comes frugality and anything free begins to look attractive. My ex husband, also retired and living next door to me  (long story) introduced me to a small branch close to my house. I   thought I'd gone to heaven.


You walk in and it's quiet, peaceful, cool, and filled with those wonderful magical items that make life worth living: books. After buying them for years suddenly it was an affordable borrowing situation and what was really great was that I could establish an account online, order the books I wanted and the library would very kindly e-mail you when they were ready to pickup. Almost too good to be true, but it is true. It's just "the library" and it's just wonderful.


Now I have a granddaughter. She's only a year and a half but as young   as she is she has been bitten by the bug. She will sit in her room surrounded by her dolls and enormous teddy bears and "read" her little cardboard baby books with titles like I'm So Big. Soon I will introduce her to reading days for children at the library. I know she will love it.

Mary Sue Kolbe


Editor's note:  Please e-mail your story and a photo to us how the Sacramento Public Library has changed your life at stories@saclibrary.org. (100- to 250-word maximum).


From the Foundation


The Sacramento Public Library Foundation is in its 28th year. Our mission, to enhance the Library's ability to serve the community by raising private funds, is a clear directive and one we can easily think about as we embark on fundraising activities.


 The desire to build the Sacramento Room was the catalyst for establishing this Foundation. Sacramento citizens realized that if they wanted a more complete and distinctive archive, they would have to create a venue to raise more funding.


Since then, the Foundation has raised funds for capital expansions, homework centers, branch booster initiatives, summer reading, a college and career center, the genealogy collection, and much more. Recently the Foundation board has turned its sights on literacy. As we look at our community needs, we know that literacy, and the lack thereof, is something many of us in Sacramento are concerned about and want to change. The board is particularly (but not exclusively) interested in finding ways to positively impact our higher need communities where resources are so scarce.


For the past few years, the Foundation has added more than $150,000 to the library's summer reading programming and materials budget. We know the "summer slip" is one of the critical areas for kids who are not reading at grade level and summer reading is a wonderful way for our kids to stay at their reading level while learning the joy of reading. As you will read in this newsletter, the early-childhood area at Southgate Library is helping kids and families engage in summer reading  by supporting our youngest patrons to become kindergarten ready which is also critical to helping our kids reach grade level reading.


As a community member, think about the kind of community you want Sacramento to be in the decades to come. As a library supporter you no doubt want all of Sacramento's children to be successful and you understand just how valuable the library can be in reaching out to community members who need the most help.


Thank you for your support, it really matters!


April L. Butcher,

Executive Director

From the Friends

Be a Friend by Joining the Friends
You can never have too many friends. Have more by joining the Friends of the Sacramento Public Library. 
As a Friend, you will help to: 

  • support the library through the sale of donated and discarded books and materials
  • provide support for programming for all ages - children, teens, and adults
  • plan and staff the Friends system book sales
  • advocate for the library with elected officials and within the community
  • and much more!

As a Friend, you will receive:

  • the satisfaction of helping to support our local libraries
  • discounts at the Friends Book Den and system Friends events
  • early entry to the System Friends quarterly sales
  • the bi-monthly Friends newsletter, which lists System and Branch Friends book sales
  • a membership in your local branch library Friends (in addition to your membership in the System Friends).

To join the Friends, fill out their online application.
Find Bargain Book Sales
Find great bargains at the Friends of the Sacramento Public Library and branch Friends' book sales.
Book Den and Warehouse Book Sales
The Friends of the Sacramento Public Library host book sales at their   Book Den's warehouse six times per Book Den year at 8250 Belvedere Avenue, Suite E, Sacramento (off Power Inn Road, and one block south of 14th Avenue). There is a wonderful selection of books and other materials, sorted by category. Prices range from 50 cents for pocket books to $2 for hardbacks. Become a Friends member and enjoy the benefit of early-bird shopping opportunities at all book sales.
The Book Den store will be open during the Warehouse Sale and Preview. At the Book Den, shoppers can selectfrom individually-priced books, including collectibles, and other materials, with most books priced at $3 and up. The Book Den is regularly open Thursday through Saturday from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. For more information call (916) 731-8493.  Click here to learn of upcoming Book Den sales.Book Sale
Branch Friends Book Sales 

Many Sacramento Public Library locations host bargain sales that feature discounted books, magazines, audio tapes, CDs and more. These sales are hosted by local Friends members whose proceeds benefit their library branch.
Please click here to find upcoming library branch book sales near you. 

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