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Conscious Capitalism:
Creating Financial and Societal wealth



Legault & Associates Leadership Development Inc. (L&A) is dedicated to helping leaders and organizations develop to their full potential to create a sustainable future. We are pleased to bring you our newsletter as a way to keep you informed and on the leading edge of leadership development. 


In this issue, you will read about Conscious Capitalism and Conscious Leaders, new Leadership Insights, and updates on L&A's activities. We hope that you will find it informative and gain additional knowledge and wisdom to foster your leadership in 2011, and beyond.


Marie Legault, Ph.D.

L&A President

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Conscious Capitalism:

Leaders and Organizations with a World-View


Man holding GlobeCorporations are probably the most influential institutions in the world today. Yet people do not believe that they can be trusted, seeing them as interested only in maximizing profits. The recent protests on Wall Street and in cities around the world attest to this. Ethical behavior is now recognized as indispensable for long-term success and effectiveness, and global CEOs identify integrity as the second most important leadership quality in the new economic environment. The class of problems facing organizations today calls for a new kind of leadership - leaders who have expanded their perspectives to a world-centric view and purposefully create value for all stakeholders.


Conscious capitalism is an emerging philosophy based on the belief that businesses can enhance corporate performance while simultaneously improving the quality of life of all stakeholders. Conscious capitalism goes beyond corporate social responsibility by placing societal needs and challenges at the core of the company's existence. There are two elements that create conscious capitalism - conscious leadership and conscious business. Conscious leaders are Ethicful™ leaders that have developed and transformed their ways of thinking, feeling, and acting toward a broader perspective. Their developmental journey follows a process that integrates the learning from earlier stages of development to later stages, which includes a more complex structure. Leaders at early or pre-conventional stages are guided by their needs, which result in ego-centric behaviors; conventional leaders take on a socio-centric or ethno-centric view, where concern for others is limited to their immediate circle - their work group, family, company, or nation; and post-conventional leaders take a world-centric view that encompasses the entire planet. Individuals at world-centric stages of development are more ethical and less likely to engage in various forms of misconduct than individuals at earlier stages.


Leaders who have reached a world-centric perspective create value for all stakeholders because they recognize that society and corporate performance intersect. They believe that doing well and doing good are linked. They are driven by service to their organizations' core purpose that transcends profit maximization. Conscious leaders create and lead conscious businesses, organizations with a world-centric view.

Leadership Insights

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At L&A, we continually develop our knowledge and expertise by investing in our "intellectual capital" and refining our services to deliver added value. With this in mind, we have recently attended several conferences, workshops, and webinars. Here are some highlights.


Most organizations seem to resist, fight, and try to control change as opposed to embracing it. These behaviors can be observed by the growing number of discussions and painful meetings that often result in analysis paralysis, lack of decision-making and increased organizational politics. In order to better help our clients become more agile in their ability to address these limiting behaviors, we learned about Holacracy, a comprehensive practice that helps leaders and organizations shift from a predict-and-control to sense-and-respond mentality. We have since incorporated some aspects of Holacracy, specifically the Integrative Decision-Making Process, in our work with clients.


During an online teleseminar series, Waking Up the Workplace, we heard from conscious business experts about the transformative power of business. One consistent element that surfaced from the conversations is the urgent need for leaders to expand their perspectives and ways of thinking, feeling, and acting in order to create conscious businesses. Knowledge gained from these conversations has validated and further informed L&A's leadership development integrated approach and philosophy. At the Conscious Capitalism Conference, which was held last May at Bentley University, Massachusetts, we learned first-hand from conscious leaders, John Machey, co-CEO and co-founder of Whole Foods Market, Ron Shaich, Founder and Chairman of Panera Bread, Kip Tindell, co-founder, chairman and CEO of The Container Store, and Doug Rauch, former President of Trader Joe's and Harvard Advanced Leadership Initiative fellow, to name just a few. We also participated in a one-day workshop to explore ways to bring the message to the larger business community and develop conscious leaders. L&A's interest in the topic of Conscious Capitalism: Leaders and Organizations with a World-View, mentioned above, continues to grow and evolve.


One Planet, Many Worlds: Remapping the Purposes of Leadership was the theme of the 13th Annual International Leadership Association Conference, which was held in London, England, in October. Over 800 participants from more than 50 countries came to hear leadership scholars and practitioners. The urgency and necessity to develop leaders with an expanded perspective to influence change at the systems level in order to meet the challenges of our complex world was a recurrent message. In his keynote address, Stef Kranendijk, CEO of Desso, a Netherlands-based manufacturer of commercial and domestic carpets and artificial grass for sports, shared how his company adopted the cradle-to-cradle approach. Creative and cost-effective ecologically innovative business efforts create profitable and ethical manufacturing processes and corporate practices. The cradle-to-cradle approach goes beyond sustainability because it focuses on full-circle processes that seek to enrich the earth. Polly Higgins, international environmental lawyer and activist, delivered an inspirational message to prevent Ecocide, described as the fifth crime against peace and a crime against future generations. Higgins, voted as one of the "World's Top 10 Visionary Thinkers" and named the "Planet's Lawyer," challenged the audience to explore our individual engagement with the planet, and reflect on our ethical heritage. Although leaders may not have the solutions to transform world, they have the power to create changes within their spheres of influence. To some, this may be a daunting task. Yet, it all starts with the purpose to be an ethical and conscious leader! At L&A, we see developing these leaders as an exciting opportunity to explore with leaders and organizations. New ways of seeing, feeling, and acting in the world are waiting to be discovered and experienced.

L&A News


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L&A Leadership Development Inc. has been busy assisting leaders and organizations develop to their full potential in order to create a sustainable future. Although we provide leadership consulting, facilitation, and coaching services, in 2011 we have seen a constant increase in our leadership coaching service and a growing interest in Ethical Dialogue, one of the recommendations that emerged from the study Becoming an Ethical Leader.


L&A's President, Marie Legault, Ph.D., delivered a teleconference entitled Your Ethical Compass - Finding Your True North for executive members of the Human Capital Institute in February 2011. She was invited to present on the topic of Ethical Leadership for a Sustainable Future at the Canadian Business Ethics Research Network Annual Conference, which was held in Halifax in May 2011. Marie also presented on Conscious Capitalism and led a workshop on Ethical Dialogue at the 13th Annual International Leadership Association Global Conference held in London, England, in October 2011.


Our commitment to active citizenship has led us to volunteer our time and expertise to develop leaders in non-profit organizations that are dedicated to a cause. Marie Legault has volunteered her time to design and facilitate the launch of the de Souza Institute Leadership Certificate Program to advance oncology nursing. She is also mentoring a group of four senior women executives. Marie's interest in supporting practitioners who are completing post-graduate studies in the field of leadership guided her to take on an informal mentor role with doctoral students and join Royal Roads University, School of Leadership Studies, as a Faculty Project Supervisor.


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