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Legault & Associates Leadership Development Inc. (L&A) is dedicated to helping leaders and organizations develop to their full potential to create a sustainable future. We are pleased to bring you our quarterly newsletter as a way to keep you on the leading edge of leadership development. 


In this issue, you will read about a recent study report on ethical leader development, new leadership insights, and  updates on L&A's activities. We hope that you will find it informative and gain additional knowledge and wisdom to foster your leadership in 2011.


Marie Legault, Ph.D.

L&A President

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New Study Report on Ethical Leader Development
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New Study Report on Ethical Leader Development

puzzle blobeAs part of a strategy to foster leadership in organizations and society, L&A conducts research on how to enhance leader development and transform organizational cultures. A series of corporate and government scandals, and the global financial crisis have focused organizations' and society's attention on the urgent need for ethical leaders and organizational cultures. We are excited to bring you our most recent study report - Ethical Leader Development: Insights from the Study Becoming an Ethical Leader - that sheds some light on ethical leader development, which we consider to be one of the crucial issues in creating a sustainable future.


The study identifies seven critical elements that characterize the development of ethical leaders. Such individuals have a heightened self-awareness, a broader perspective, an innate desire for and commitment to continuous development, and a spiritual core. In addition, ethical leaders look for organizations that are congruent with their guiding values and seek formal and informal support and trusting relationships to enhance their development. The study also highlights that ethical leaders experience ethics in a heartfelt manner.


This report offers a number of recommendations on how to foster the development of ethical leaders and design interventions that can accelerate such changes. A key finding in this previously under-researched area suggests that leaders who intentionally develop to their full potential as human beings and reach their full ethical potential are more than ethical leaders; they are ethicful leaders. For access to full study findings, click here.
Leadership Insights

puzzle with lightAt L&A, we continually develop our knowledge and expertise by investing in our "intellectual capital" and refining our services to deliver added value. With this in mind, we have recently attended several conferences, workshops, and webinars. One of the messages from the Integral Theory Conference (ITC) is that using an integral approach in the design and delivery format of leadership development programs is an effective way to ensure participants' deep learning. This information validated L&A's approach to using an integral framework in its leadership development initiatives. During the Society for Business Ethics conference, we learned that there is a growing interest to study how to shape leaders' ethical imagination and understand the make-up of corporate character. L&A's study findings on Ethical Leader Development, mentioned above, shed some light onto these areas of research.


Since 2006, L&A has used the New Behavior Generator Process to help leaders and teams overcome their limitations - their immunity to change - to become more successful. Learning derived from a recent workshop, The Immunity to Change, given by Robert Kegan, Harvard University professor, helped enhance and refine our process. Also, knowledge gained during webinars has confirmed and informed our leadership development practice direction. For example, the 2010 IBM Global CEO study suggests that the two most important leadership qualities over the next five years are creativity and integrity. Creative leaders are defined as open-minded and inventive leaders who have expanded views that engage others to let go of outdated approaches and take balanced risks. The IBM Global CHRO study highlights that one of the critical imperatives for HR in the next three years is to cultivate creative leaders who have a flair for thinking about opportunities and challenges in completely different ways. The study also shows that HR falls short in their ability to identify, develop, and empower creative leaders. L&A offers new ways to explore and experience leadership development, including a developmental lens and an ethics lens, as well as an integral framework to meet these challenges and accelerate leadership development. For more information, click here.


The need to develop a new kind of leader was heard loud and clear at the recent International Leadership Association (ILA) conference. In her keynote address, Rosabeth Moss Kanter, Harvard Business School professor, named one of the "50 most powerful women in the world" and one of the "50 most influential business thinkers in the world", suggested that the class of problems facing organizations today calls for a new kind of leadership, an "advanced leadership." While great leaders have the ability to think outside the box, advanced leaders view and understand the wider system, the global system. They have the ability to think outside the building and create new ways of operating to succeed in the new context. Jeff Swartz, President and CEO of Timberland, believes that doing well and doing good are linked. His commitment is to deliver results to all stakeholders while reducing global warming and preserving the outdoor environment. Swartz believes that moral capitalism is possible when leaders can shift their perspectives from "commerce or justice" to "commerce and justice". It depends on leaders' attitude and their ability to bring the purpose and vision of the organization, and to look through that purpose at all times. The heartfelt call to restore compassion for the moral good was delivered by Karen Armstrong, author and TED prize winner. Leaders' ability to feel or experience with the other and see with new eyes can be developed through the Socratic tradition of dialogue, a process L&A uses in its leadership development initiatives. To some, developing "advanced leaders" that act with compassion and believe in moral capitalism may be a daunting task. At L&A, we see developing these leaders as an exciting opportunity to explore with leaders and organizations. New ways of seeing, feeling, and acting in the world are waiting to be discovered and experienced. To quote David Suzuki, "Solution is in our nature."

L&A News


Puzzle pieces togetherIt gives us great pleasure to launch the new and improved website of L&A Leadership Development Inc. It reflects our development as a boutique firm that is committed to helping leaders and organizations develop to their full potential in order to create a sustainable future. The site provides information regarding our Ethical Leadership Development services - consulting, facilitation, and coaching. It also presents our integrated approach, which is informed by our continuous learning and Marie Legault's exposure to leading edge leadership and organizational development theories and practices during her doctoral studies, which she completed in January 2010. We invite you to visit us.


L&A's president, Marie Legault Ph.D., presented the study findings entitled Becoming an Ethical Leader at the Integral Theory Conference in July 2010 in Pleasant Hill, California, the Canadian Centre for Ethics & Corporate Policy in September 2010 in Toronto, Ontario, and the International Leadership Association conference in October 2010 in Boston, Massachusetts.


Our commitment to active citizenship has led us to volunteer our time and expertise to develop leaders in non-profit organizations that are dedicated to a cause, such as mental health or the environment, or service our community. Marie Legault has volunteered her time to facilitate an upcoming mentoring program for a group of 10 senior women executives, who are members of the Women's Executive Network (WXN).


For more information about L&A Leadership Development Inc., please contact us. 

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