January 14, 2011

For Immediate Release:


 Sandra Morgado



Alcalde Association Announces New Ybor Alcalde


Tom Keating named Honorary Mayor



(Tampa, FL)  The Ybor City Alcalde Association announced today that they have selected Tom Keating, President & CEO of the Ybor City Chamber as the new Alcalde.  Appointment of an Alcade or honorary mayor of Ybor City is a tradition that goes back to 1953.


Famed Tampa historian, Tony Pizzo was the first Alcalde and has been followed by numerous individuals from Ybor City and West Tampa over the years.  This position is both ceremonial and a bit whimsical, since the Alcade represents Ybor City in parades and at public events.  Dressed in top-hat and tails with a bronze medallion and red sash, this icon is reminiscent of a character from the "monopoly game" or a diplomat from an obscure tropical country.


This year's Alcalde, Tom Keating, is a native of Tampa Bay and has been President of the Ybor City Chamber for the past six years.  Previous Alcaldes have included media personality, Jack Harris and preservationist Jack Shiver, with the most recent being prominent Tampa pharmacist, Bob Parrado.


The new Alcalde will be inaugurated at "Battle Fest" Friday, January 21st aboard the American Victory Ship, 705 Channelside Drive - tickets are available for $20 at or by calling 1.866.468.7630.  "Battle Fest" is sponsored by the Krewes of Ybor City Alcalde, Rough Riders and Crewe of Bobbie C. Davis.