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April, 2011 - Vol 2, Issue 2
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How to Qualify a Patent Attorney
Miami Office Relocated
Vielleville Coaches UM Law Team to Victory
New Blog
CMB Police Citizens Committee
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Loren Donald Pearson
It's Spring 2011! 
Recovery is in the air.
Entrepreneurs are launching new businesses.  Old businesses are launching new products.
Have you invented the next Facebook?  An improved iPad?
Great!  Assouline & Berlowe has attorneys and strategies to protect your innovations and branding. 
How to Qualify a Patent Attorney 
There is a better way!

Choosing the wrong patent attorney can lead to years of frustration and unnecessary costs.  Download the White Paper titled How to Qualify a Patent Attorney.  The white paper details the following objective tests for choosing a patent attorney.

  1. Find a Registered Patent Attorney using the USPTO's Database.
  2. Choose a Board Certified Intellectual Property Attorney.
  3. Check the Attorney's Discipline History.
  4. Select a "Hands-On" Attorney.
  5. Embrace Alternative Billing. 

 If you know of anyone who is considering hiring a patent attorney, please forward this newsletter to them.


Miami Office Relocated--Same Address, New Suite
Continental Plaza
The Miami office of Assouline & Berlowe has relocated within the same building, Continental Plaza in Coconut Grove (a/k/a that big brick building at the four-way stop in Coconut Grove). Our new address is the following:
3250 Mary Street
Suite 404
Miami, FL 33133-5232
(305)567-5576 telephone
(305)567-9343 facsimile 

We are almost finished building out the new space and we would be proud to give anyone a tour.  Keep your ears open for a grand opening party.

Daniel Vielleville Coaches UM Arbitration Team to Victory
Daniel Vielleville
Daniel Vielleville
Daniel Vielleville coached the University of Miami Moot Court Team to victory in the International Investment Arbitration Moot Court Championship at Goethe University in Frankfurt Germany on March 18, 2011.

Mr. Vielleville leads Assouline & Berlowe's arbitration group.  His particular expertise is representing clients in international arbitrations, international contracts, and trade disputes.


Pearson on Patents Blog
Pearson on Patents Blog

The Pearson on Patents and Trademarks Blog has been launched. 


The Pearson on Patents Blog can be found at


The blog provides articles and tools for non patent attorneys to improve the value of their inventions and branding.


The blog provides updates on patent laws (statutes), rules, case law, and Patent and Trademark Office procedure in language targeted at business people and general counsel, not legal-speak for IP specialists.


The site is intended to be a less formal complement to Assouline & Berlowe's official website.


Loren Pearson named to City of Miami Beach Police Citizens Relations Committee

City of Miami Beach
City of Miami Beach
Loren Donald Pearson has been appointed to the City of Miami Beach Police Citizens Relation Committee.
If anyone has a question or suggestion for the City of Miami Beach Police, please contact Loren Donald Pearson.
For Patent Pending Pick Pearson!


Loren Donald Pearson
Registered Patent Attorney
Florida Bar Board Certified Intellectual Property Attorney
Assouline & Berlowe, P.A.
(305)567-5576 telephone
(305)567-9343 facsimile