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January 12, 2011- Vol 2, Issue 1
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Loren Donald Pearson
"I have a great invention--what should I do next?"
Your first action should be to  complete an invention disclosure form and contact me or my assistant, Estefania Ochoa, for a consultation.
Today's newsletter will address the first steps that inventors and businesses that work with inventors should take.
Invention Disclosures
An Invention Disclosure Form, which should be completed immediately after each invention is conceived, is attached.
The invention disclosure, especially if witnessed and/or notarized, will provide strong evidence of the date of conception of your invention.  In some cases, the date of conception can be used to antedate or "swear back"  the prior art.  See  37 CFR 1.1.31
An invention disclosure will help me spot issues (e.g. ownership, prior art, bar dates).  A completed invention disclosure form will speed the application process.
Resting on your invention and not filing an application could lead to loss of your original date of conception, bar from ever filing a patent application, and may even open the door for another party to file a patent for similar technology.

Search the prior art for free
Magnifying Glass 
Searching the prior art is free:
Searching is a complex skill and self-help searches have lots of limitations.  Still, a "clean" search by an inventor is a great first step. 
Review inventor/employment/contractor agreements
employeeContact Loren to review your business's employment agreements with regard to inventions.  It is always best to discuss ownership of inventions explicitly.  However, even when no contract exists, employers may have significant rights to inventions.  These issues are usually easiest to address early in the patent process.
File a Patent Application
Contact Loren to review your invention disclosure form, search results, and to have a patent application prepared.
We offer innovative billing strategies including one-time (i.e. up-front fees), flat fees, and subscription billing for volume clients.

Evan Greenfield @ Keyes for Commercial Insurance


Every business manufacturing a product or selling a service 
needs commercial liability insurance.  Evan Greenfield at Keyes Coverage has assisted my clients in obtaining this coverage.  In addition, I recommend that my clients consider including advertising injury insurance, which provides for the defense and liability of trademark claims.  Evan has great insurance programs for companies that must insure their shipping and for owners of warehouses.

Evan Greenfield, Keyes Coverage (954)924-7000

Success Story

m2eOur client, m2e Consulting Engineers, have learned the importance of using branding to protect the good will associated with their exceptional team members and quality service and to distinguish their company from the competition.  m2e provides engineering consulting services related to construction and compliance.  Having a registered brand uniquely identifies the company and protects their business' marketing investment.
For Patent Pending call Loren Donald Pearson.


Loren Donald Pearson
Assouline & Berlowe, P.A.