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14 December, 2010




Southport, CT (December 14, 2010) - The Southport Sailing Foundation is proud to announce the inception of its own sailing team, The Clever Pig Sailing Team. The team is comprised of sailors who are awarded grants from the Southport Sailing Foundation.


At present, the Clever Pig Sailing Team includes the following athletes who received grants from the Foundation on November 15, 2010:

  • Rachel Bryer, grant money will help cover costs of participation at the 2010 Orange Bowl in the Laser Radial.
  • Jennifer French and Jean-Paul Creignou, grant money will help cover costs of participation at the 2011 IFDS World Championship and Sail for Gold in the SKUD. 
  • Farrah Hall, grant money will help cover costs of participation at the 2011 Rolex Miami Olympic Classes Regatta in the RS:X.
  • Kyle Larsen, grant money will help cover costs of participation at the 2010 Orange Bowl in the Laser 4.7.
  • Sarah Lihan, grant money will help cover costs of participation at the 2010 Perth International Regatta in the Laser Radial.

"We wish to extend our warm welcome to the Clever Pig Sailing Team," commented David Dellenbaugh, founding member of the Southport Sailing Foundation, adding on: "We will follow their progress closely as they strive to reach their goals. We praise the enthusiasm that drives these young athletes who have fully embraced the mission of the Foundation. We wish the Clever Pig Sailing Team the best of luck and a year of great sailing."


Each sailor will be on the Team for a period of one year from the date they were awarded the grant. The Clever Pig Sailing Team members will wear the Clever Pig branded clothing provided by the Foundation, promote the CleverPig.org website, and act in a manner on and off the water that exemplifies good sportsmanship. In turn, the Foundation and CleverPig.org will help promote the Team members and their achievements by publishing their blogs, regatta reports, photos and/or videos on the CleverPig.org website, on the Clever Pig Facebook page and on promotional materials. The Team members will also receive publicity through the quarterly Clever Pig Updates and a special section on the home page of the CleverPig.org website that will be dedicated to the Team.


We encourage all friends and supporters of Clever Pig to cheer for the new Clever Pig Sailing Team and follow their progress on www.cleverpig.org and related social networks.


The Southport Sailing Foundation meets four times annually to give grants to deserving US sailors for specific components of their sailing campaign. The next grant deadlines are: 15 February, 15 April, 15 July and 15 November 2011. For more information and to apply for a grant, please go to: http://www.cleverpig.org/ssfgrants.php

About Clever Pig

The www.CleverPig.org website brings together a wide range of resources and tools for racing sailors. Sailors can create their own campaign web page, calendar, resume and budget. They can apply for grants, search for coaches and get local knowledge about regatta venues. They will find resources on one-design classes and regattas, sample materials from previous campaigns, plus extensive lists of campaign FAQs and links. The tools and resources on the Clever Pig website are provided free for any sailor through the support of the Southport Sailing Foundation.

About the Southport Sailing Foundation
The Southport Sailing Foundation is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization that was founded to promote the sport of sailing, both regionally and nationally. A primary mission of the Foundation is to help prepare sailors, primarily youth and young adult sailors, for national and international sailing competitions at all levels of our sport. The Foundation was started several years ago in Connecticut by a group of sailors who grew up racing on Long Island Sound. Current Board members include Susan Daly, Brad Dellenbaugh, David Dellenbaugh, Bob Larsen, Dave Perry, Barry Simson, Mary Von Conta, John Watkins and Peter Wilson.
For more information:
Southport Sailing Foundation Inc.
P.O. Box 946, Southport, CT 06890

Southport Sailing Foundation  P.O. Box 946, Southport, CT 06890
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