Southport Sailing Foundation Annual Appeal
December 2010
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The mission of the Southport Sailing Foundation is to facilitate the preparation, coaching and skill-building needed for youth and young adult sailors to participate and succeed in national and international sailing competition; and to do so in a way that promotes a lasting love of sailing and respect for all aspects of the sport, including seamanship, safety and sportsmanship.


Thank you for your continued interest in and support of our endeavors. Since its inception, the Southport Sailing Foundation has kept true to its mission. To accomplish this, the Foundation has developed two distinct ways of helping young sailors reach their goals:

  • The first is the website, a unique and comprehensive resource. Here sailors can find a coach, create a budget, locate national regattas, develop a resume, find out about available sailing grants, and much more. There is nothing else like it - this website truly helps these young people to help themselves.
  • The second is the William B. Cargill Grant Fund established by the Southport Sailing Foundation to honor the memory of Bill Cargill, a longtime Southport sailor. The Foundation uses money dedicated to the Cargill fund to award modest grants to help sailors offset some of the costs of their racing campaigns.

Looking ahead, the Southport Sailing Foundation is hoping to improve the services that it offers to young sailor with three specific goals:

It is thanks to your work and generosity that the Foundation has been able to achieve so much and we are tremendously grateful for this. Please continue to help us with your contributions and by spreading the message to your families, friends and fellow coaches and sailors!


Your tax-deductible donations will support all the activities of the 501(c)(3) Southport Sailing Foundation. Donations can be made online through the website by clicking here or you can mail a check to the following address: Southport Sailing Foundation, PO Box 946, Southport, CT 06890.




The Southport Sailing Foundation Board of Directors

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