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See Me! Hear Me!
Edinburgh Fringe Festival

Edinburgh, Scotland
Quaker Meeting House
7 Victoria Terrace
Edinburgh EH1 2JL

Box Off: 0044 (0)131 220 6109
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August 16-21 at 8:15pm
August 23-28 at2:15pm 

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See Me!  Hear Me!
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Dear Festival Viewer,

Let me invite you to attend Belleherst Productions' See Me! Hear Me! at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Experience an unforgettable performance and open forum after the  show at the Quaker Meeting House August 16-21 and August 23-28.

See Me! Hear Me! is a multi media drama which is as entertaining, as it is inspiring and revealing. Belleherst gives the voiceless victims of human trafficking, the world's second most lucrative crime industry, a voice. We experience their pain and feel the courage of those committed to stopping it.

Its a personal issue for writer Kathleen Ann Thompson as she takes you around the world- Poland, Germany, Thailand, Cambodia, Dubai, India, Uganda, Haiti, New York- in a performance which will grip your heart and challenge your will.

The Fringe Festival is a supportive arena with a large megaphone to the world for the voices of freedom expression.  We all have a part to play in addressing human injustice.  Make the world a better place because you passed by. Be informed and activated.  See you there.

Compassion is the knowledge that there can never be any real peace and joy for me until there is peace and joy finally for you too. -Fredrick Buechner

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For more information or questions concerning the performances of See Me!  Hear Me! at the Fringe Festival or future European and U.S. tours see the web page:

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Thank you so very much for a moment of your attention.  I hope I will experience each of you personally at the event.
Kathleen Ann Thompson
Belleherst Productions
+49 177 69 11 908