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More Croatian Events
 The Cenacolo Community (recovery center for drug and substance abused men) hosted a performance of Belleherst's THE PRISONER for 75 men in their chapel.  A forum, evening meal and a time of sharing followed the event.
I am totally addicted to sharing God with these men.  They are so hungry for HIM because they know they would be dead without HIS saving hand in their lives.  They understand GRACE, like no one else.  This was such a rewarding highlight of my trip to Croatia.
  in Zagreb

 In 1993, during a time of defensive war in Croatia, a group of Christians began to organize ecumenical prayers for peace in the Churches and Church Communities of Zagreb.Out of this initiative was birthed the Christian Peace Circle, which was registered as an NGO in the year 2000. It continues to encourage Christians to pray together and live their lives in God with unity and peace.  Kathleen shared from her life at the Christian Peace Circle event in Zagreb last week and performed the dance piece, I AM YOURS.

Maria and I first met each other in 1989 - a Catholic and a Protestant.  We have become the closest of friends and co-laborers for God in the last twenty years, and neither of us has changed her confession.  We are still a Catholic and a Protestant, but we share the most unifying element of Christianity --the desire for the most intimate of relationships with God.
 K. Thompson
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 Mala Scena - Zagreb, Croatia
featherBreath on Breath is a revealing look at the intimate relationship which every human being is searching for between God and the individual.  In spite of the quest, man continually substitutes the lusts of the flesh and mind for this intimacy with God and is continually disappointed and unfulfilled.  Breath on Breath's non-verbal, physical-theatre-style speaks through music, movement metaphors and comedic characters.  Inspired by a personal encounter in July of 2009, Kathleen Ann Thompson devised Breath on Breath as a solo piece to share this experience.
Kathleen Ann Thompson in Breath on Breath.
who loves ya?
Following the performance last Friday night at Mala Scena, a forum took place which offered the audience a chance for Q/A and an opportunity to express their sentiments. The audience at Mala Scena in Zagreb was nearly a full house and the forum lasted over an hour...a real testimony to the amount of sincere interest people are carrrying in their souls for this subject.  It was also a time of real transparent sharing for Kathleen as she recounted from her own life the progression in searching for this complete and satisfying intimacy.
Feedback from the Forum:
who loves ya?
For the first time in my theatre experience, I totally understood
everything in the performance....I mean, all the metaphors.
It was God that gave her the feather of breath. 
 (a seven year old girl)
Thank you for bringing this here to us!
I was laughing from the moment I saw you ...and then, I cried too.
I will remember these images forever.
20 Years in CROATIA!
Belleherst celebrated a twenty-year anniversary in Zagreb last week with friends and ministerial alliances maintained since 1989. 
I would like to express my deep gratitude to Maria and Riko Znidarcic, the Christian Peace Circle, Mala Scena, Radio Maria, and so many wonderful friends which have become extended family to me through the last twenty years.  Our hearts are knit together till eternity and then we shall be ONE.
 K. Thompson
Kathleen with translator, Maria          feather
Maria and Riko Znidarcic with Kathleen
We'll be back in touch with news from Poland and Latvia in April.
Kathleen Ann Thompson
Artisitic Director, Belleherst Productions