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You make up 75% of our Business!
Group Bookings in 2009
Come Kayaking in Nepal this October!
Learn to paddle white water in Slovenia
Open Canoeing and Mountaineering in Knoydart

Canoeing into the peninsula from Loch Hourn passing sea otters, giant star fish and bird life under the shadow of the mountains and heading towards the Ladhar Bheinn horseshoe of Munro (3000 feet or higher) Mountains. Staying in a comfy bunkhouse before heading around the horseshoe and on a clear day taking in views of the islands and hige mountain vista of the highlands. Day three sees us paddle back out on Loch Hourn to conclude one of the finest canoe and mountain trip available in the UK!

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Return customers make over 75% of 2009's bookings

In 2009 our returning customers i.e. YOU have made up over 75% of our bookings. Its really gratifying and enjoyable for all our staff to see you again, catch up and share more adventures on the water.  So far this year we have seen returning individuals bring groups and family members, groups returning and flourishing in their abilities.

Remember returning to Source gains you a 10% discount and when you bring 5 other people with you, you can paddle for free!

With all the change's that have gone on whilst we changed from Source Paddlesport to Source Adventure and included Canyoning and White Water Rafting into the portfolio we are extremely grateful to our loyal customer base for staying with us.

We look forward to seeing you again soon
Learn to White Water Kayak in Slovenia

The region we shall be paddling is in the Julian Alps, home of the largest mountain Triglav. Through these limestone mountains the Soca river is created with its crystal clear azure water carving through spectacular mountainous scenery. The river is ideal for novice through to advanced kayakers as it offers a plethora of flat and gently moving sections of water to entertain, enthral, Ideal for learning and gaining confidence. Up to fantastic boulder garden advanced sections of white water. Once you step out of your kayak there are many restaurants and delicacies to help finish off the day.

Intermediate to Advanced White Water in Nepal

Arriving in Kathmandu with a chance to adjust to the bustle of the capital city. Not for long however as we travel to the relaxed town of Pokhara. Nestled under the Annapurna mountain range and alongside the beautiful fewa lake. Pokhara is our base from which we travel to paddle the:
Seti Khola  2-3 days (3 (4+)):
A unique river passing through two beautiful and contrasting scenic areas. Relatively small volume, blue and warm, we recommend this as an ideal short trip for the first time rafter or as a warm up for intermediate kayakers. (White Water Nepal Guidebook)
Upper Seti Khola half day (3(5)):
A tasty little paddle, convenient to Pokhara, for brushing up on your kayaking skills. (White Water Nepal Guidebook)
Kali Gandaki 3 days (4- (4+)):
A deservedly popular medium length river trip combining exhilarating white water with fine scenery.  (White Water Nepal Guidebook)
All trips have a raft to carry all your equipment, so we can enjoy the benefits of camping whilst paddling empty boats!

To find out more about this exiting trip to Nepal click here
Group Bookings

School Reunion
University Reunion
Friends getting together
Corporate Cohesion
Family Adventures

Some of our returning customers this season have chosen to bring the groups listed above with them.

Remember returning to Source gains you a 10% discount and when you bring 5 other people with you, you can paddle for free!

Finding any excuse to get on the water and play with Source.

So when are you coming out to play?
Shop and Used Kayaks

Remember that before or after any course its really useful to have a reference guide or inspirational book / DVD to be able to reference from. We have teamed up with Amazon Associates to provide you with what we feel are the finest Kayak and Canoe literature, DVD's and useful items such as waterproof camera's, housings, car straps etc.

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We also will be selling our 2009 fleet of Kayaks at the end of the season. Ready for our new 2010 range. To benefit from our boats that will have only seen one seasons usage, click on the link below.

This month we thought we would add a bit of colour into our news. What do you think?
As mentioned within this edition, you, the returning customer have made up over 75% of our business in 2009. We really appreciate the connections and experiences that we share with you all and seeing the progress you have made on the water.

Some thoughts from you...

"I've been out paddling with Source a few times now and have enjoyed every minute. The flexible approach means you can choose what sort of experience you're after and what level of coaching you'd like. Starting as a complete beginner I have gone from flat water loch kayaking on to experience a variety of river conditions and learnt many valuable skills. ..I'd strongly recommend kayaking with Source to anyone wanting to have a first go or develop their skills."

Colin in Aberdeen

Within this fledgling interactive issue we highlight our new site on facebook and twitter, offer you the opportunity to join us on a holiday here in Scotland, Slovenia or Nepal alongside introducing Coaching Corner, providing you with top tips for your paddling and coaching of others.

So as i have mentioned before please keep those catch up e mails coming, we love to hear what adventures you have been up to on and off the water and what you think of our new look newsletter.

See you on the water
Dave Girling
Source Adventure
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Coaching Corner
(all men are equal but some are more equal than others!)
We felt it was about time we gave you some aids to your paddling through the newsletter

This month we are going to focus our attentions on bi lateral paddling (making the stroke identical on both sides) and Markers.

We all have a chocolate and a biscuit side to our paddling!  We love to do what we excel in,  hence we always choose to paddle on the chocolate side. Apart from this creating one large and one small shoulder it means we are not an all round boater.

When learning a stroke (or having to relearn) it is imperative that you practice equally on the right and left and often more on the weaker side.

So how do we know we are doing the same thing on both sides?

Markers are Physical / Visual identifiers that we can create a gauge from.

Lets use the example of a kayaker looking to obtain better edge control. The kayaker is trying to hold the kayak on its edge whilst maintaining an upright body posture. Our kayaker feels stronger on the right but not the left, so how can we help them / ourselves.

(so we are looking for the kayak to be on edge through the kayaker using their lower body to create this movement. However the upper body is maintaining an upright posture covering their weight over the kayak.)

Visual Markers

When performing the edge control we can gauge the amount of edge being used in relation to the manufacturers logo, Source Adventure sticker, random bolt to see if what they feel is apparent in reality. We can use a plus or minus scale in relation to these actual points. For example Is their head covering the spray deck?

Physical External Markers

We can use key joints and body features such as the waist, elbow, shoulder, neck and head to make an outline of what a perfect models shape would be. from this model or the chocolate side observe the shape the model makes on the biscuit side, is it the same? If not we have a framework to work with.

Physical Internal Markers

Our kayaker will have certain tensions, strains and relaxed parts of the body throughout this process. Are they the same on both sides. We would hope our kayaker would feel tension in their upside knee / thigh, pressure on the toe blocks, compression and tension in the stomach yet relaxed in the chest but poised in the shoulders, are they? If so on the chocolate side what is missing on the biscuit side?

If the kayaker is you then ask yourself about the external and visual markers and reevaluate. If the kayaker is someone else you will have to probe using quantifiable questions to extract the internal feedback.

Now get rid of the edgeing example and transfer to all kayaking and canoeing strokes and watch you biscuit end up coated in chocolate!
Some recent photos of your Adventures with Source

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Source Notice Board: Finding Paddling Partners
and Testimonials

In 2008 there where a good few people looking to enhance there time on the water between courses or one to one sessions. To help you find people to paddle with in your area we have included a Padding Partners section to the noticeboard.

So if you are keen to find people to get out on the water with please click on the link below. Complete the suggested questions and your information and submit under the anonymous option unless you are registered through Blogger.

If you do not feel comfortable placing your contact details i.e. e mail address on the site then please complete the rest and ask any interested boaters to contact us here at the office as we will happily act as an intermediary.
All Returning Customers Save 10% on all UK based Courses and Expeditions All returning customers are eligable to a 10% discount on all UK based Courses and expeditions in 2009. This is an offer only to returning clients of Source Adventure.

Bring 5 people with you and you go for FREE!
When you bring 5 people on any UK Based Course or Expedition you will recieve one FREE Space. Potentially saving you 350!! All you need to do is quote this coupon upon booking.