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November 11, 2010
Winter Line-Up


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Come on down and Get the Goodies

By Sean Siple

After a soft opening last Saturday where we were able to work out the lay-out, the best hours and the farmers, Good Food for Good People is pleased as an autumn punch to invite all of you to come shop at the Winter Producer's Only Local Farmers Market. This is a big deal for Nashville. More than a dozen local farms and food producers have formed a marketing alliance where local shoppers can come by at a designated time to a designated location and pick up their weekly provisions.

The designated time is from 10 am until noon on Saturday mornings. This is a change from earlier plans because it  is warmer at 10 am then at the originally scheduled 9 am. The location we have agreed on is the Region's Bank parking lot located at the corner of 51st Avenue and Charlotte Pike alongside the building with the landmark golden geodesic dome.

Our starting line-up of producers is pretty impressive. In no particular order, here is a list of the pioneers of this new enterprise: Kenny's Cheese, West Wind Farms, Foggy Hollow Farm, Timbertop Farm, Bells Bend Neighborhood Farms, Delvin Farms, Green Market Farm, McDonald's Eggs and Meat, Noble Spring's Dairy, Hillside Gardens, Papa C's Pies and Bang Candy.

This week, we also expect Peaceful Pastures to join us (every other week). Johnson's Honey will be with us once a month. This time of year many are shopping for the big Thanksgiving feast only a couple weeks away. The meats and cheeses are plentiful and you can still get local eggs. On the produce side, now is the time to buy lettuces, greens, autumn squash and sweet potatoes. The pac choi, Tatsoi and spinaches are a particular treat right now. And the shiitake mushrooms are fruiting on the logs.

In some ways the idea of continuing our market into the cold season seems counter intuitive, but local history is on our side. About five season's ago a few of the leaders at the Franklin Farmer's Market innovated a cool season pick-up program that was a way for the pioneer hardcore local food shoppers to get their fix. Over the years of some trial and error, a steady patron base showed up and rewarded the winterized willing with a few sales and some warm words of encouragement. The weekly event really built relationships between the producers and the customers. We are counting on that to happen in our new little food oasis as well.

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