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CHILDREN AND YOUTH  Join adults during the first part of the service, and then attend Religious Education classes. Nursery and toddler care is provided during the 10:30 service.  

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Vacation & Study Leave
July 2 - September 9


Administrator: Janette Morrow


Pianist: Milton Wong  milton.wong@goaaa.com  
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Chair:  Carol Littrell 883-9676
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Minister's Schedule
 Rev. Chip Wright
Vacation July 2 - Sept. 9 

June 14, 2012

Issue #172


  Sunday Worship Service chalice

June 17, 10:30 am:

 "Truth All Around Us"
Emily Webb with Worship Associate Scott Merrick

What's true? Do you always tell the truth? Is this important? Explore the themes of personal truth and lies with seminarian Emily Webb.

 June Sunday Service Flyer


Most new sermons on the "web sermons index" are audio. Older sermons are text.  If you want a text version of an audio sermon please contact the minister.     


May 20, 2012: AUDIO: That Old Time Religion
by the Rev. Chip Wright.      

May 27, 2012: AUDIO: Young Folks, Old Folks, Everybody Come by the Rev. Chip Wright.


View future service information online.        

Past Sermons Online  

Contemplative Service

Our Lay led Contemplative Service is from 9:00-10:00 am on Sundays in the Fireside Room.  June 24 will be our last service for the summer and will resume on September 9. 


Readings introduce a silent period to reflect on a topic or idea, followed by an opportunity to share individual thoughts. 
Recognition and Thanks
We closed out the church year by saying goodbye and
thanks to our Director of Music, Phil Hildreth, to our webmaster, Lisa Cohen, to all the Religious Education teachers and the many other helpful members who volunteered their time and efforts.  Ann Gronvold, our RE volunteer of the year, was also honored. After the service everybody enjoyed a wonderful potluck. See photos
Staff Summer Schedules
eclipse flower Starting June 13 Rev. Chip will be leaving for General Assembly and will be on summer leave as of July 2 (four weeks vacation + four weeks study leave).

Starting June 16 Linda will begin her retirement. The new DRE will start on or about August 15.

June 26-July 19 Janette will be on vacation. There will be a temporary hire in the office T-F 10-3. She will reply to e-mails and answer the phone for whatever you need. I'll be back in the office on Friday, July 20, and will begin my full time office schedule the following week (meaning I'll be here on Mondays!).

Janette Morrow
Summer Changes
It's summer and we do things a little differently up on the Hill.  Here is a quick reference.
1. Traditional service continues at 10:30 am. Contemplative service on hold, starting July 1.

2. Music: There is no choir in the summer but still wonderful piano music.

3. Refreshments: Nothing formal but please sign up in the foyer to serve cookies and lemonade.


4. Religious Education: No formal program, but sign-up board is in the foyer for members to sign up to provide children's activities.


5. Staff: Rev. Chip on vacation but contact office for emergencies 479-4131.


6.  Newsletter:  Will be published every other Thursday, starting July  12, then on July 26, August 9, August 23, and then back to normal schedule on September 6.  Deadline Monday 8pm previous to publication date.

7. Gather water or stones from your summer adventures, whether at home or traveling, for our Ingathering service September 9.

UUCM Book Club: June 20
Our UUCM Book Group meets the third Wednesday of each month, 7:30 to 9 PM, in the Clara Barton Room.  The book for June 20 is Born to Run by Christopher McDougall. New members are welcome to come and participate in our lively discussions!  Contact:  Nani Ranken: 898-8558. 
Part Time Youth Advisor Needed
Our Congregation is seeking a Part-time Paid Youth Advisor to work with our senior high youth group (YRUU) mid-September through mid-June. A link to the job description is included below. All applicants should send a resume to jobs@uumarin.org


Part-Time Paid Youth Advisor

Job Description 

The Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Marin

Updated 4/19/12
Music Fans Needed
AcoUUstic Cafe Coordinator
Are you a music fan?  Would you like to see the AcoUUstic Cafes continue?  Then can you contact music groups in Marin and bring them to UUCM. 

AcoUUstic Cafe Program Scheduler
Are you an organized person who likes to make things happen? Then volunteer to be the person who makes sure the AcoUUstic Cafe events run smoothly.
(One person can do both jobs if desired)
Marin Philosophical Society
The Marin Philosophical Society (which meets monthly on the 3rd Monday in the Fireside Room) is open to UUCM members. Catered Lunch: $20. Next meeting: June 18 at noon.  Speaker: Dr. John Mabry: Subject: Zoroastrianism-the "mother" of Western Religion. How did the revenge fantasy of a heretical Vedic priest (Zarathustra) 3000 years ago come to determine the course of Western civilization?  Reservations required: contact Joan Nelson at figleafjoan@comcast.net or phone 453-6221.
Planning Meetings - Plan to End Homelessness
We are encouraged to attend one or more of the planning meetings for the County's revision of the 10 Year Plan to End Homelessness.

The separate sessions will be held Mon. 6/25,Tue. 6/26, Th. 6/28 and Mon. 7/2.

FOR DETAILS, CONTACT JOAN NELSON figleafjoan@comcast.net 453-6221.

Let's see if we have "a compassion that can stand in awe at what the poor have to carry rather than stand in judgment at how they carry it."

from Tattoos on the Heart, Gregory Boyle SJ 


Social Concerns Items
We have one more opportunity to participate this year, Tuesday, August 21st.  Mark your calendar if you wish to be a part of this very important outreach!  Email cjwlittrell@aol.com or call: 883-9676 if you wish to participate in August!

ST. VINCENT'S SOUP KITCHEN:  Summer dinners will be prepared FOR US--at St. Vincent's soup kitchen--by volunteers from the street community. So mark your calendars for July 2, August 6, September 10, October 8.   There will be an open mike for anyone who wants to sing, recite, or otherwise perform for the gathering. Open mike starts @ 5:30pm. Dinner is served @ 6pm.  Contact figleafjoan@comcast.net(453-6221) to reserve your seat at the table.


If you care about an issue or cause that you want UUCM members to know about, please bring it to our attention at the Social Concerns information table at refreshment time.  
To reserve a date: figleafjoan@comcast.net 453-6221.
General Assembly
gaGeneral Assembly in Phoenix, Arizona: June 20-24, 2012

Late registration available.

Online coverage, see how you can follow GA from your home.
Pacific School of Religion Summer Session
Berkeley Campus or Online

Pacific School of Religion is a progressive Christian graduate institution with many Unitarian Universalist students in attendance. This summer more than twenty courses are offered from July 2 to August 10.  For more information, visit our website at www.psr.edu/summer 

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