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Leadership Training This Saturday
Remarkable People
Basket Share to Benefit Marin Humane Society
Social Concerns Luncheon: Why Desal?
UUCM AcoUUstic Cafe Returns, Call for Help
John Koun's Civil Rights Photos Show at UUCM; Art Committee Call for Members
Call for Walker Creek Retreat Chair
Toiletry Kits Delivered Return Guest at Your Table Boxes
Shelter Update
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January 7, 2010
Issue #46
Sunday Worship Service   chalice 

Sunday, January 10, 11:00 AM

"The Bear, Brook and the Bird"
Rev. Chip Wright  with Joyce Rhodes, Worship Associate

The winter is here, a time for stories of change and hope. 

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Contemplative Service

January 10th, 9:00 AM Service

Our Lay led Contemplative Service is from 9:00-9:50 am on Sundays (not available in summer), Readings introduce a silent period to reflect on a topic or idea, followed by an opportunity to share individual thoughts.

President's Reflections: A Turn at the Helm

jen gennariThe darkest days of winter are already waning and many of us are reveling in the gifts we've received this season. Sometimes, the best pleasure is watching loved ones smile at the gifts we've given them.
Best Gifts
Everyone knows the best gifts are intangible. When I think about what we're doing for the homeless women each Sunday-opening our doors, sharing food, giving shelter-I'm awed by the members of our congregation who are leading this endeavor.
That's what's funny about giving. When we give, we receive a life that is more meaningful than one that is back and forth to work, to school, better than housework and zoning out online or on cable. More contact with people-between you and me-enriches our lives.
What gifts can you bring to UUCM? Last November, when the leadership did the Start-Up with Cilla Raughley, she ended by asking the board to reflect on what gifts we bring. The gift I bring is my energy. Others said humor, knowledge of the past, helping hands, and the ability to see things from many perspectives.
Our Gifts
If you want to give more of your particular talents to UUCM, I invite you to attend Leadership Training with Rev. Chip this Saturday from 9 to noon. One generation is ready to hand the reins to another; are we ready? Come and find out if you have hidden skills waiting to flower.
We have so many fun things coming up: Three AcoUUstic Cafes, the Sock Hop, the Crab Feed, the Auction, and our fabulous Walker Creek retreat, when new and familiar members deepen bonds.
To succeed, we need people to do little and large tasks. Let's give abundantly to grow our connection and give meaning to our lives.
Jennifer Gennari, UUCM Board President

Leadership Training This Saturday

Calling All Current and Could Be Leaders...

Rev. Chip would like to invite you to a leadership training taking place at the Leadership Council meeting this Saturday, January 9 at 9 AM in Fellowship Hall.  Whether you are already a member of the Leadership Council (Committee Chairs, Board of Trustees, Committee on Ministry, Staff) or are interested learning more, we would love for you to attend! 
Remarkable People

Rev. Chip Wright will be the speaker for the January 8th meeting of Remarkable People.  We start at 7:30 p.m. and try to end at 9:00 p.m. See you there! 

Carole Rosvold and Caroline Bopp-Seuss, hosts
Basket Share to Benefit Marin Humane Society

Basket Share, January 10, will benefit the
Marin H
felinespayneuterumane Society.This is a valuable community resource that provides care, compassion and respect for all living things.

Gerry Holcomb will tell us about her many years of volunteering for the Society and how all of us can help. Please help UUCM by donating generously!
Social Concerns Luncheon: Why Desal?

Social Concerns Luncheon
January 17, 12:30 to 2 PM.
"Why Desal? A Quick Look at the MMWD Water Supply Picture."

Our speaker is Anne Layzer, Board Member and past President of the League of Women Voters of Marin County. Anne has been monitoring the meetings of the MMWD since 1989. She has also served on three district citizen advisory committees, one on water supply and two on water price, and is a very clear and effective speaker!

MMWD desalination info page
UUCM AcoUUstic Café Returns, Call for Help

UUCM AcoUUstic Café nights:
Jan. 23, Feb. 20 and March 20
What a great lineup!
Tell your friends who is performing up on the hill.
Three Fridays 7 to 9 p.m.:

Jan. 23: Jazz pianist John K., Novato songwriter Sam Neff

Feb. 20: Chanteuse Libby Silvestri, our own Walt Littrell

March 20: Torchsinger Sandy Geller, and folksingers Elaine & Mike Steinbrecher
Tickets are $15; $5 for youth.
Volunteer to help! (Volunteers get in free.)
Ticket sellers, Set up, Take down, Sound, Beverage sales,
Dessert sales.
To help, email Jennifer Gennari  phone: 892-9600

Exhibit of John Koun's Civil Rights Photos at UUCM

Art Committee Looking for New Members

The Art Committee is honoring Martin Luther King's birthday, January 18, with an historic exhibit , now up at UUCM, of documentary photographs taken in the South during the Civil Rights Movement by our own John Kouns.  Please go to the Art Committee link on the web to learn more about the Art Committee and to read John's bio.

The Art Comm. is looking for new members, please contact Anne Baele or Carolyn Planakis if you are interested. 

Call for Walker Creek Ranch Retreat Chair

Hello UUCM Community!walker creek ranch

The annual UUCM retreat at Walker Creek Ranch is scheduled for April 23 - 25.  We have two days together in a beautiful setting with hills, wildflowers, and wildlife. There are many workshops, often including yoga, massage, parenting, writing, photography, silk painting and more.

We need one or two people to chair the retreat committee. There are always people willing to help out with budget, room assignments, publicity and more but we need that special someone who can lead a coordinated effort, providing our congregation with the best retreat possible.

If you are interested in chairing this year's retreat please contact me. The retreat is several weeks earlier than usual, so it is time to get started.

Thanks for your consideration,
-Henry Kingdon (last year's co-chair with Debra)

cell: 415-572-9458
email: h_kingdon@yahoo.com
Toiletry Kits Assembled and Delivered

Still Time to Return "Guest at Your Table" Boxes

The children and youth in RE are proud to report that they assembled 185 toiletry kits this year on December 27th, which is 5 more than last year thanks to all of your contributions!!

The kits were delivered to St. Vincent's on December 29th.

ALSO: Please return your FULL "Guest at Your Table" boxes asap to Linda Haumann, DRE or leave them in the community work room.
Shelter Update

Emergency Shelter Update 1/3/10

A huge thanks goes to Sunday night's UUCM Shelter and Mill Street Shelter Volunteers:
Inka Benton
Peter and John Blickensderfer
Katherine Da Silva-Jain
Nona Kaufmann 
Carol Kerr
Wendy Meluch
Maggi Norris
Carolyn Planakis
Judith Pomeroy

Volunteers who deliver food for future Sunday sleep-overs should simply leave the dish (clearly labeled "Shelter") in the kitchen before 5:30. Volunteers who stay to break bread with our guests should read the following Shelter Guidelines.


There will be at least one professional shelter staff person with us at all times. Safety and privacy are paramount.  On Sunday nights, UUCM is a true "sanctuary:" A "Safe House."
View the  OFFICIAL SIGN-UP SHEET with complete details for each job. 

After viewing the sign-up sheet tell Joan - 453-6221 or
email Joan which Sunday nights (12/20 - 3/28) you will be available, and for what shifts.

Don't forget to make sure that you read this and every issue of UUCM Weekly News! 

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15th of each month - Sunday services
20th of each month - all staff columns and committees
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Ilana Trumbull-Stearns
Production Editor