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NAA Announces UAA as
Winner of 2008 Brewer Trophy

   The University Aviation Association (UAA) will receive the prestigious Frank G. Brewer Trophy for Aviation Education. The award is presented annually for significant contributions of enduring value to aerospace education in the United States. For 60 years, UAA has served as the voice of collegiate aviation. The organization has a long record of promoting and supporting collegiate aviation programs, providing educational and professional development opportunities for the faculty and students, offering scholarship opportunities, and promoting collegiate aviation through industry organizations. The award will be presented at the NAA Fall Awards Banquet. Read more
NAA Fall Awards Banquet Scheduled
For Monday, November 2, 2009

   Each year, NAA honors many outstanding people from across the aviation industry at its annual Fall Awards Banquet, scheduled this year for Monday, November 2, 2009, at the Marriott Crystal Gateway Hotel in Arlington, Virginia. Among the awards to be presented are F�d�ration A�ronautique Internationale (FAI) Medals and Diplomas, the Mackay Trophy (for the most meritorious U.S. Air Force flight), the Brewer Trophy (for aviation education), the Elder Statesman of Aviation Award, and more. Click here for details.
United States FAI Award Winners Named
   NAA has announced the United States recipients of the 2008-2009 F�d�ration A�ronautique Internationale (FAI) medals and diplomas. NAA is a founding member of FAI, the world's air sports governing body. FAI medals and diplomas provide public recognition to those who have made outstanding contributions to aeronautics and astronautics. They include:

Captain Chesley B. Sullenberger, III
First Officer Jeffrey B. Skiles
Diploma for Outstanding Airmanship

Patrick Moorehead
Paul Tissandier Diploma

Jon M. Sharp
Lous Bleriot Medal

NASA Missions STS 122, 123, and 124
Vladimir Komarov Diploma

NASA Mission STS 123
Korolev Diploma

NASA Missions STS 123 and 126
De La Vaulx Medal

Edward (Scott) Kasprowicz
Steven Sheik

Doris Grove
Public Benefit Flying Awards Ceremony to be Held on Capitol Hill September 10, 2009
   NAA and the Air Care Alliance will present the 2009 Public Benefit Flying Awards on September 10, 2009. Anyone interested is encouraged to join us at the 4:30 p.m. event at the Capitol.  You must register to attend by September 4, 2009 online.   Click here to register now.  For more information and a list of the recipients click here.

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President's Message
CH47F cockpitYou Just Have To Go
    After returning from EAA's AirVenture in Oshkosh, Wisconsin I marvel at how many people I work with in aviation that have never attended. They ask, "How was it?," and I ask back, "Have you ever been before?" They almost always say, "No - but I have been meaning to for years."

   Look, if you have any interest in our industry you have to go at least once. It is overwhelming and inspiring. There is almost nothing or noone in aviation that you can't touch, watch, talk to, photograph, buy, ask questions of, or marvel at.
   Every conceivable aircraft is either parked or flying - homebuilts, helicopters, ultralights, warbirds, jets, turbines, pistons, and blimps (Goodyear was there last year). Virgin Galactic's "White Knight II" and the A-380 did fly-bys and were open for inspection.
   You just need to see it to believe it. Just bring sunscreen, a camera, and good walking sneakers. Everything else is already there.

Jonathan Gaffney
NAA President
Air Sport Organization News
NAA Mourns the Loss of IAC President VCruseicki Cruse
   The President of the International Aerobatic Club, Vicki Cruse, died in a plane crash on August 22, 2009, while participating at the World Aerobatic Championships in England. S
he was 40. Vicki was a great friend of NAA and an accomplished, champion aerobatic pilot. She had accumulated more than 2,500 hours of flight time and was the U.S. national unlimited aerobatic champion in 2007.

EAA Amateur Building Principles Included In
FAA Aviation Rulemaking Committee Report
   In August 2009, members of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Aviation Rulemaking Committee (ARC) on amateur building circulated and signed their final report for publishing in the Federal Register. This report includes a comprehensive set of recommendations for FAA consideration as the agency prepares to issue its final policy revisions regarding interpretation and enforcement of the amateur-built experimental aircraft rules.
   According to Earl Lawrence, EAA vice president of regulatory affairs and co-chair of the ARC, the report incorporates all of the major principles for which the EAA amateur-building community has rallied for throughout the past 18 months. Because final policy declarations from the FAA typically mirror ARC recommendations, Lawrence and the amateur building community hope for a favorable outcome. EAA is a community of recreational pilots, builders, and restorers.

United States Awarded 2012
World Soaring Championships

   The Soaring Society of America announced that the U.S. bid to host the 2012 World Soaring Championship (Open, 18 meter and 15 meter classes) was successful. The contest will be held in Uvalde, Texas in July-Aug 2012.

USHPA Launches Facebook Page

   The United States Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association has launched its own Facebook group and encourages anyone interested to check it out. It includes photos and videos, and visitors are encouraged to add more of these.
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Aero Club News

Southern Calif. Club Members
Briefed on USAF C-17 Program

   The last final-assembly line for fixed-wing aircraft remaining in California was visited in August by members of the Aero Club of Southern California during a tour and briefing on the USAF C-17 program at Boeing's Long Beach facility.
   Originally designed and built by McDonnell Douglas, the four-engine airlifter made its first flight at Long Beach in 1991. It remained in production there after Boeing acquired the
manufacturer. Approved funding for continued purchases of C-17s will extend production to July 2011, but Congress has not yet decided whether it will fund production beyond that date. The photo shows a C-17 taking off in Long Beach.

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Annual NAA Membership Meeting Date
Call for Nominations
Records Claimed
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This month's featured member organizations:

Lockheed Martin
Rockwell Collins



Annual NAA Membership Meeting and Election of Board of Directors
   NAA hereby notifies all current NAA members that the annual meeting of the membership will be held Tuesday, December 8, 2009 at 10:30 a.m. at NAA Headquarters at Reagan National Airport, Hangar 7, Washington, DC 20001. All members are invited to attend. Please notify NAA of your attendance by November 30, 2009 by email to [email protected].
Call for Nominations:
NAA is accepting nominations for the following two awards through November 30, 2009.  Anyone may submit nominations.

The Cliff Henderson Award for Achievement given to a living individual or group whose vision, leadership, or skill, has made a significant and lasting contribution to the promotion and advancement of aviation or space activity. Previous winners of the trophy include Jimmy Doolittle, Roscoe Turner, Spann Watson, the US Air Force Academy and Martha King. For more information on the award and nomination guidelines click here.

The Katherine and Marjorie Stinson Award recognizes a living woman for an outstanding and enduring contribution, a meritorious flight, or a singular technical development in the field of aviation, aeronautics, space, or related sciences. Click here for nomination guidelines.
Records Claimed
June 1 - 30  2009

Speed Over a Recognized Course, Keflavik, Iceland to Lerwick, Scotland: 99 mph
Danny S. Lee
Class C-1.c, Group I (Internal Combustion)
Piper PA-28-181 Cherokee Archer II
1 Lycoming O-360


Speed Over a Triangular Course of 25 km: 34 mph
Benjamin J. Herring
Class O-5, Rigid structure, aerodynamic surfaces, no fairings and no surrounding structure, General
Zapata, TX

Speed Over a Triangular Course of 50 km: 31 mph
Benjamin J. Herring
Class O-5, Rigid structure, aerodynamic surfaces, no fairings and no surrounding structure, General
Zapata, TX

Speed Over a Triangular Course of 100 km: 30 mph
Dustin B. Martin
Class O-1, Rigid structure, Weight shift, General
Wills Wing T2C
Zapata, TX


Longest Sequence: 23 formations
Chris J. Gay, Elizabeth H. Godwin & Mark D. Gregory
Class G-2-D (Competition), Canopy Formation, General
Kaohsiung, Taiwan

Largest Formation - Head Down: 108 parachutists
Class G-2-E (Performance), Freeflying, General
Chicago, IL

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