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March 2009
Storm Water Systems is entering our second year of business with a new look that emphasizes our commitment to water and the environment.  We have recently relaunched our website with this new look to make it more user friendly. We invite you to view the new site and give us your input.
District of Columbia to Install 
  Bandalong Litter Trap
 Anacostia river
Photo of the Watts Branch area of the Anacostia River Watershed.
The District of Columbia will be adding litter to the TMDL in 2009.

The Anacostia River flowing through the District of Columbia is one of the nation's most troubled and polluted waterways. The litter and debris floating in the river has even been documented in National Geographic.

The Anacostia Riverkeeper, in collaboration with the District Department of the Environment and Earth Conservation Corps,  has enlisted Storm Water Systems in their effort to clean up the river with the installation of their first Bandalong Litter Trap this spring.
"The District of Columbia is leading the way for other municipalities to band together and clean up our waterways. We are thrilled to be working with the Anacostia Riverkeeper to clean our Nation's Capital," says Gary Hopkins.
Look for more information on the installation of the first Bandalong Litter Trap in D.C. in the near future.  
Urban Water Management Conference

Urban Water logo

Storm Water Systems founder, Gary Hopkins will be presenting "Why Floating Litter Belongs in your TMDL" at the Urban Water Management Conference in Overland Park, KS - March 24-29.
While many people realize that floating litter is a serious problem, only the most groundbreaking areas, such as Los Angeles, have begun to battle litter by including it in their Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL). Recently the media has begun to focus on the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, an island of floating litter in the Pacific Ocean estimated to be anywhere from twice the size of Texas to the size of the continental U.S. 
Gary's presentation will focus on where the litter building this island is coming from, why it is a problem, what's being done to stop it.
To register for the Urban Water Conference visit:
  Smart Cisterns 
Cistern With an increased concern over water conservation, many people are resurrecting a product from the past - Cisterns.
Our Smart Cisterns store water captured from rain and runoff for later use and can even be used in connection with landscaping sprinklers. Storm Water Systems custom designs and builds cisterns to be used in both residential as well as commercial properties. 
Available in a variety of sizes, Storm Water Systems' Smart Cisterns can be installed under ground, roadways and even parking lots in order to make the best use of the land that is available.
For more information on cisterns click here
Or contact Gary Hopkins at ghopkins@stormwatersystems.com .
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D.C. Bandalong Litter Trap
Urban Water Conference
Smart Cisterns
Kari Morris - Director of Communications
Upcoming Events

Kari Morris

Director of Communications 

Kari Morris

Storm Water Systems welcomes Kari Morris as Director of Communications
She will represent Storm Water Systems among the many organizations dedicated to protecting our waterways as well as guide our
communications efforts.
Kari's love and appreciation of our water ways extends to her personal life. She and her husband are boating enthusiasts who have explored some of the earth's most fascinating locations.
Kari's Contact Info:
706.348.8201 ext. 230
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Need a solution to your litter problem? 
Storm Water Systems prides ourselves on creating solutions. We have many new products and solutions under review to add to our portfolio.
Bring us a problem and we will create a solution.
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