Thistledown Shoppe
Thistledown ShoppeMay 28,  2011

If I don't get this out today, I feel that it may never go out.  I started five days ago and I have run into computer freezing (problems with it wanting to back up while I want to use it), computer not liking my internet hook up at home, even though Netflix is doing just great on the television, knitting (you understand that one), work (bluck), housework, husbands, children.....You get the picture. 

So I am at the shoppe, watching the three baby robins and their momma and daddy, reading Yarn Harlot and Mason Dixon, and thinking that I should just buckle down and get to it.

Have I ever mentioned that I would get first prize if they were giving first prizes for being a procrastinator?  I love to start things (that explains the fifty million knitting projects lying around the house),  but to really finish something?  Now that would mean I would have to finish something and it is sooooo much more fun to just start something and then start something else and so on.

Anyway, Happy Memorial Day weekend.  Good to see the summer folks coming back and always good to have the year around folks stop by with their projects.

Oh, and the Farmer's Market has also started up.  If you are fortunate to attend the Suttons Bay Market, check out Mary Forton's cinnamon rolls.  They are the best ever!

Kathy in misty Suttons Bay


Sally Melville book
 Classic is good
 Sally Melville's Book 1:  The Knit Stitch
Sally Melville bookI have started to knit Sally's Favorite Summer  Sweater, out of Euroflax.  And while I was getting a permanent the other day, I started to reread the book. 

I am not a great knitter, but I have been knitting consistently for the past 10 years, so I am past being a beginner.  But as I was reading her book, I was reminded of basic techniques that I had forgotten or still struggle with.  For instance, I have a problem with holding my yarn in my right hand.  Not a problem with my left (is that because I am left-handed?).  Anyway, this book talks about basic skills and it is a great refresher.  If you have the book, take some time to reread it.  If you do not have the book come on down and buy a copy.  It is well worth your money.
New and Updated

Euroflax Linen Sportweight - lots of wonderful colors

Mini Bambo Crochet Hooks


Great North American Afghan
Knit One Knit All: Elizabeth Zimmermann's Garter Stitch Designs
Knit Sock Love
Knit Your Own Dog
Just Swirl!:  Uniquely Flattering One Piece
Spinning Around:  Spinning, Dyeing, and Knitting 

We are having a sale on Namaste this coming week.  See the coupon below.

Bitty Bag
Laguna - I have this in the eggplant color and love it.
Classic Hip Holster
Messenger Bag
The Wallet
Circular Needle Case
Oh Snap pouches - great for storage as you can see what is inside.
MIni Clutch
Mini Cozy  - for your double points or crochet hooks
Cozy  - for your straights

And if you like red, you really need to stop by.  For some unknown reason, I ordered a lot of red.


 Free Patterns

Demarie pointed out this pattern to me.  A knitted  Robin

Crochet a lace wedding garter

Duck washcloth knitted pattern

Katie Koala  - a Ravelry pattern

Knit some shoelaces with the Friedrich pattern

And last, but not least, knit a Corgi.




The Robin family

Not the best picture,  -  you need to come over and look, but we have 3 baby robins.

robin baby


robin baby

And one came in to briefly visit.


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