Thistledown Shoppe
Thistledown Shoppe
 Knitting for Our Children

Just a reminder of one of our community projects this year, Knitting for Our Children.  We are collecting crocheted and knitted items to distribute to  families in the county.  Hats, scarves, mittens - you get the idea.  Whatever you choose to create, label it for fiber content and care.  We will take  donations until the end of November, actually the sooner the better.  And let me add that we will also happily accept items for the children's older sisters, brothers, and parents. 

As you are getting ready for Christmas (doesn't it seem hard to do so when we still do not have snow?), we have picked up some great stocking stuffers for your fiber buddies.   And to help you along, we are having a sale!
Hunters' Special

 While the other half is gone, treat yourself and come on into the shoppe.  Everything is 25% off, excluding consignment items and already on sale items.

 The sale starts Sunday, November 15 and ends on Wednesday, November 18.

New Goodies
One of the wonderful things of owning a yarn shoppe is the ability to stock the shoppe with the items you love.  And here are some of what I love, along with descriptions by their suppliers.

Bee Bar

These include Bee Bars tins in different scents.  I bought one several years ago and after carefully rationing it, I ran out.  Which was the impetus to stocking it at the shoppe.


 Our signature product, the natural Bee Bar, offers soothing relief to seriously dry skin. Ideal for daily use, our distinctive hand and body lotion bar contains a unique blend of Shea Butter and other natural oils and emollients to moisturize and relieve dry skin, hands, elbows and feet. Attractively wrapped and presented in a beautiful reusable tin, our Bee Bar is a customer favorite.
Available in two sizes in your choice of Vanilla, Lavender or Natural Unscented.
Ingredients: Sweet Almond Oil, Shea Butter, Beeswax, Jojoba Oil, Lanolin, Cocoa Butter, Vitamin E, Essential Oils and Fragrance.

 Bee Bar cream

The Vanilla Bee BarŪ is now available in a thick, ultra-rich, creamy-smoothe hand and body lotion. Packaged in a stylish tube that fits easily into pockets and purses, you can enjoy effective, natural relief and creamy moisture at home or on the go! Rich in Shea Butter and other natural emmolients, this vanilla-scented cream is a divine treat for the senses! Small size is 1.69 fl.oz. Includes Shea Butter, Royal Jelly, Aloe, Sweet Almond Oil, and Vitamin E. Paraben free. Never tested on animals, over 99% natural!

Bee Bar lip butter in a tube and in a tin.

Infused with Anti-Aging Pomegranate
seed oil, these rich Lip Butters soothe
and soften on contact. Pomegranate
seed oil is also an effective anti-oxidant.
Replenishing and conditioning Shea
butter and Kukui nut oil are high
quality healers for dry, cracked lips.
Available in tins and tubes. Try all
our refreshing flavors.
Lip Butter Tins: Mango, Peppermint,
Tangerine, Pink Grapefruit, Lemon,
Lip Butter Tubes: Vanillaberry,
Mango, Apple Pear, Vanilla almond,
Peppermint, Mandarin, Natural

About Honey House Naturals™
Based in Washington State, Honey House Naturals™ and its values are well suited to the Pacific Northwest. As stewards of the environment, Honey House Naturals™ is committed to the conservation of natural resources and respect for our planet. In keeping with that philosophy, our products are made with wholesome ingredients either found in or derived from nature. Honey House Naturals™ uses only the very highest quality ingredients - no cheap fillers, always petroleum free and never tested on animals. In harmony with our commitment to conservation of the environment, we strive to employ reusable and recyclable materials in the packaging of our products."

We have testers out on the counter.

Nancy's Knit Knacks

Perfect Notion Case

I love, love this case.  Saw something similar to it on Ravelry and finally found a supplier.

notion case

It is a sturdy little case that comes in 3 different colors (blue, green, and pink) and 2 styles (solid color and sparkles).
It measures 3-1/4" tall by 2-1/4" wide by 1-1/4" thick.
It contains 6 small compartments:
3 small (1" x 1" x 1/2")
2 medium sized (1-1/2" x 1" x 1/2")
1 large (3-1/4" x 2" x 1/2")
The two main hinges are made from metal. The small see-thru lids are fabricated in such a way that they will not easily break. We have subjected this design to months/years of testing (long before we decided to market it) and we know as a result that it is a tough little case that holds everything that you need to carry.

Row Counter and Row Counter Plus
Circular Needle ID Tags
DP Needle Tubes
DP Wip Needle Tubes

New patterns and books.

We have also stocked up on Lamb's Pride Worsted and Bulky. 

I am in the process of knitting up samples of all of our felting wools in white and cream and should have the "befores" and "afters" for you within a week.

If you are looking for white angora for Santa's beard, check with us this coming Friday.  We should have a large supply of it from Skacel.

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