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May | 2012
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What's on my Mind? A Link to Ginger's Blog...

My body is still in Prague, so my mind is up at 3:30 AM. In less than one month, I've been to Brazil, Montreal, and the Czech Republic (plus one short trip to San Francisco), and I am still standing, have not gotten sick, and even my son said, "Mom, you travel too much. I'm glad you're home." All of my out-of-country experiences have been rewarding, some enlightening or revealing.


My experience in Brazil is covered in two of this month's blogs, so these can be read in the blog section below, and I had a lot to say; I also learned a great deal there and met some very interesting people with whom I will keep a connection. One thing I will mention that is not in the blogs is about Claudio's current use of the wings and arrows. When I asked about this, I was told the same thing by several people; apparently, Claudio uses the arrow lines as dynamic paths, but speaks little anymore about the wings. Someone said, "Claudio doesn't dismiss the wings; he just thinks that subtypes are far more important."


The Montreal coaching program was lovely; the group gelled almost instantly. Only one person was there from Montreal, most were Canadians with a few folks from the US. It went really well, and most people learned a great deal, personally and about coaching. Many said they were surprised how much personal growth was involved, but as I said, "Well, how else are you going to practice what you're learning!" A very wonderful thing happened there, something you'll read about below under "Android Angels."


Prague was just amazing, my 2nd visit there working with Nestle. Besides staying at a great hotel in the old town where I could walk everywhere, get lost and then find myself, and cover the trails of Franz Kafka, I got to participate in Eva Velechovska's 20 year anniversary of her company Veva. There were 100 people there; my program was on decision-making and the Enneagram for 4 hours. What I had forgotten to ask was whether it was in English of Czech. Well, it was in Czech, but all my materials were in English. So I discarded these, made up new activities on the spot, and everyone seemed to have a great time. My work with Nestle was really great fun. I am quite taken with the talent and integrity of the head of Nestle Cesko (includes Czech Republic and Slovania), an 8 who is totally committed to his development and that of others. He partners magnificently with the head of HR, a 7, who is delightful, creative, and knows exactly what he wants. They give me total freedom to do what is necessary in the moment, so it doesn't get better than this for a consultant. Finally, as a combination thank-you and joke, they (actually a wonderful HR person, a 9) sent me off with 25+ pounds of chocolate candy, all made from original Czech recipes with natural ingredients. I brought most of it home, ate too much on the plane, and used a little of it to bribe the airplane ticket takers not to charge me for overweight luggage (which it was!).


Seeing my San Francisco client in between Brazil and Montreal was a treat. He is just doing so well, using the Enneagram for his own and the team's development. For me it was like seeing the fruits of my labor (more his), so I felt a bit like a proud mid-wife.


The new, large fabric banners with the Enneagram symbol have arrived, and the screen saver of the Enneagram for Mac and Windows is ready. We just need to get these posted on our website, which will happen, hopefully, in less than 2 weeks. When ready, you'll receive a Special Announcement telling you how to order them.


In addition, I am planning some programs for the Fall of 2012 and these should be announced soon!


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"Android Angels"
 Angels Appear When Least Expected 

We get many, many requests for "Know Your Type" on the Android platform; thus far, it has been Apple only. The reason is because it was done in partnership with my client, Genentech/Roche and they primarily use Apple-based platforms; if not for them, the app would not have been affordable to create. I was hoping for another angel like Genentech (Todd was the Genentech angel's name) to be able to create the Android version, almost had one, and then it fell through.


During my Montreal coaching program, when I was casually discussing the iPhone app and how it was created, I did not know that 4 of the participants worked for a Canadian web development company that loves the Enneagram, uses my books, etc. One of them (the 1st of the 4 angels) came to me at the break and said, "We might be able to do the Android version!" Their CEO then gave his approval, and it is in their lovely and capable hands right now.


More about the angels and the delivery date when we know!


Summer 2012 Train-the-Trainer Programs 

This summer, before and after the IEA (International Enneagram Association) Conference in Long Beach, California, I will be leading both Train-the-Trainer programs. The location is Marina del Rey, right near LAX (Los Angeles International Airport) at a hotel directly on the beach. It is simply a gorgeous site for programs, with a 30-minute cab ride to Long Beach for those attending the conference.


There is still some space in both programs, so there is time to register if you want to attend. Several people are attending both programs and if you want to attend both, we are offering a discounted rate if you contact the office directly at


What Type of Leader Are You? | July 20-25, 2012

A 6-day program that teaches you how to create exemplary leaders using the Enneagram to develop today's 7 most important leadership competencies.

Register here ($1500).  



Bringing Out the Best in Yourself at Work |

July 30-August 4, 2012

This 6-day program fully integrates the Enneagram with today's most important business applications: communication, conflict, feedback, teams, leadership, and coaching.

Register here ($1300). 




The Enneagram in Business Blogs

This month has four blogs, one from the South African animal series, two from the Naranjo symposium in Brazil, and one based on Gerry Fauthauer's Insight Activity, called "Being Enough."


Reflections on Projection | Part 3 | Claudio Naranjo's Ennea-type Symposium

This blog will make much more sense if you read the one right before it (below) first that describes my experience at Claudio's 2012 Brazilian Symposium on Ennea-types. I wrote this blog a week after my return, a reflection on the strongest experience I had while I was there. Click here to read this blog.  

My Experience | Part 2 | Claudio Naranjo's Ennea-type Symposium
This is the 2nd in the series. The first was a blog about my anticipations, which you can still read on my blog site. This one describes my actual experience while there. And what an experience it was. I have received several blog comments that my description of being there was exactly like the experience of these others in prior events with Claudio. Click here to read this blog.

Insight | Being Enough
When Gerry Fathauer sent me this Insight Activity, which I later wrote into a blog, I thought it was another great insight and immediately thought that this graphic would go with it so nicely. Frank Early, an Enneagrammer and manager at Genentech, created this face, which is how I sometimes feel when I don't feel I am somehow enough! Gerry's activity and the blog have received numerous positive comments, so you'll want to read it. Click here to read this blog.   

Development Tip: Working With Subtype Behavior

The 27 Enneagram subtypes are revealing and provocative in many different ways, and here is one way to think about how to use subtype behavior for your development, even if you don't know your subtype.


A way to think about this is that all of us have "needs" in three different domains (human instincts): self-preservation, social, and 1-1 relationships. The 3 Enneagram subtypes for each ennea-type are all ways we try to get our needs met, but because subtype is the intersection between the passion of our type and each of these basic instincts and because these behaviors get repeated over and over, these subtype-based behaviors can be thought of as non-fruitful, never-ending ways of attempting (but not really succeeding in) getting needs met. We repeat them over and over again, an indication that our true needs are not getting met (if they were, we would not need to keep repeating them).


Think for example, when you are hungry. You feel hunger, you eat, and then you are satisfied until you feel hungry again in a natural and organic way. But if you keep eating or you don't even know if you are full or not, you need for food is disturbed and not really satisfied. In terms of subtypes, as another example, I know a social subtype 8 who exhausts herself organizing groups non-stop that are involved in good causes. However, she herself never really feels the support of the community because she is always supporting the others. Thus her true social instinct needs as a human are not being met.


Here's a way to do an initial self-assessment. If you were a martian (or someone from another planet) observing you and your behavior with respect to your behavior (or lack thereof) in these three domains (self-preservation, social, 1-1) and drew a conclusion about what you need and whether these needs were truly satisfied, what would this very outside observer conclude about you?



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Enneagram iPhone App  
Created by Ginger Lapid-Bogda, this animated, interactive App for home and work includes typing and how to prevent conflict; reduce stress; interact with others; and engage in development activities specific to your type. There are type videos, a way to test your Enneagram knowledge in real-world situations, theory, and more


Only $2.99 on the iTunes App Store. Go to  

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