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March | 2012
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What's on my Mind? A Link to Ginger's Blog...
March has been a thrilling month, largely a result of my last "Coaching with the Enneagram" certificate program in Marina del Rey, followed by a 1.5 day event with Uranio Paes on "Energy Work with the Enneagram: Diving Deep into the Arrows, Wings, and Gurdjieff's Laws."

First, the hotel, the Jamaica Bay Inn, was magnificent. Right on the beach with a full view of the boats in the marina, this boutique hotel had great food, wonderful service, an exceptional meeting room, and elegant sleeping rooms at an amazing price for us. Many participants brought their significant others, who loved the walks around the marina, the array of restaurant choices, and the beach atmosphere.

The Coaching program was wonderful, with fully engaged participants who gelled incredibly well. Here's what some of them said in unsolicited emails post program:

Great people, incredible content, fabulous learning environment and tons of encouragement.  I have already used several concepts in coaching sessions this week and am amazed at how they have opened up the conversations like never before.   

What was revealed to me during these graced days has strengthened my trust in myself and in the unseen powers in which I am grounded and guided.

It is now coming on me like honey melting from my head to my toes.

Then there was Uranio's "Energy Work" event. I had seen him do some of his newest work both at IEA conferences and informally at my T-the-T Leadership program last summer. This was enough for me to invite him to do this special event (since he was already coming to the coaching program and would be in Los Angeles anyway), and there are really no words to describe the power of what he did, though I will try.

Uranio is a business consultant and Enneagram teacher who goes very deep into the Enneagram as we know it (the Enneagram of personality), Gurdjieff's work (Uranio has been in a study group for many years), the process Enneagram, plus some deep spiritual work Uranio has been engaged with in South America. He uses all of himself and a floor map of the Enneagram, then guides participants in amazing discoveries using all the Enneagram points, the arrows and wings, and more. Various participants worked on deep personal issues, professional issues, couple issues, and more. It was awesome; he was incredible.

In the office, we're working away at two new product offerings, both of which should be available within the month. One is an Enneagram screensaver for both the Mac and the PC (non-Macs). Lauren Cullen, in my office, designed and developed it, and she actually did this just because I wanted one for myself. It turned out so beautifully, I then decided to make it available to others ($9). It is really gorgeous, and it not only saves the computer screen from burning out, it is like a visual meditation. Even more, when I do programs and use a projector, the Enneagram screensaver shows on the screen when we are through with the powerpoint slide.

The second item is a map with the Enneagram symbol (42 inches X 42 inches) that can be used as a wall hanging in the home, a symbol to put on the wall during training programs, or as a floor map for use in activities that involve walking the map in some way. The fabric is durable, washable, lightweight, wrinkle-free, and you can even use water-based magic markers on it and the marker color washes out entirely. In addition, the symbol is extremely compelling and modern in design. In the past, I have made these fabric maps (which are ideal for travel) available only to past Train-the-Trainer and Coaching Certificate participants. With this new design, they will be available to everyone.

We had had our 3rd in a three-part teleconference on the 27 Enneagram subtypes for EIBN (Enneagram in Business Network) and ELP (Enneagram Learning Portal) members. Bea Chestnut, Peter O'Harahan, and I did the 3rd teleconference on the topic of Enneagram Subtypes: distinctions and confusions related to typing, and how to use your subtype knowledge for our own growth. In the teleconference, we covered so much territory without feeling rushed, and the content was great. I essentially played host/moderator because Bea and Peter had so much to cover. Staying in my role was actually a fun-zen experience. We plan to do more of these on a variety of Enneagram topics.

I'm in the process of making final arrangements for my trip to Brasilia, Brazil in April, where Claudio Naranjo is giving a 5-day symposium for psychologists on the Enneagram. He has invited me to do a session on using the Enneagram in organizations, and I could hardly be more excited. I think doing something like this was a dream I had (but was totally not aware of having). The trip is long, few people are likely to want to speak English with me, and I will know 2-3 people there if I am lucky. So this will be an adventure.


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2012 Certification Programs  


All of the currently scheduled 2012 programs - the 2 US-based Train-the-Trainer programs, the 3 non-US Coaching Certificate programs (Montreal, Sydney, Hong Kong) - still have room in them, but are filling up nicely. So, you can still enroll.

Right now, I am thinking about programs for September through December 2012. It is very likely that there will be a Coaching Certificate program in Romania (not sure if it will be in English or Romanian), sponsored by Radu Dorobant and Daniela Ziegler, who I met and spent many memorable moments with at Claudio's 27 Enneagram Subtypes program in Germany almost 2 years ago.

I am definitely planning to do a "Consulting with the Enneagram" program in these months, either in Los Angeles or in Europe. This program is only open to participants who have been through either one of the Train-the-Trainer programs or the Coaching Certificate program. It is a very dynamic consulting skills/consulting strategies program in which we actually work with real clients in real time. We'll let you know as soon as this is scheduled. I may have more public programs, but the ones above are fairly certain.


The Enneagram in Business Blogs

This month has five blogs: two on Steve Jobs and his Enneagram type, one (meant to amuse) about St. Patrick's Day, one more South African animal blog, and as always, an Insight blog based on the work of Gerry Fathauer.


Enneagram Seven: Antelope

Another South African animal blog, this time on Enneagram style 7, for whom I've selected the antelope. I do get emails, blog comments, and Facebook messages about these blogs, some of them saying I selected the wrong animal, but that's fine. More often, people think I am now an animal expert, which I am not. But this blog series has been fun to write. Click here to read this blog.

Steve Jobs Was an Unusual 7-8 Binary Type

After Barry Ahern's Jobs' blog was published, it received many comments. Even if people didn't agree with Barry about Jobs' type, they really valued the quality of the thinking. I invited others who had a differing view from Barry's to write blogs, and Peter Zappel volunteered to write about his perspective on Jobs' enneatype. Peter raises an interesting question about the possibility of people having a binary type - two types - and even an "enneafield." Let the discussion continue! Click here to read this blog.

What to Get Your Enneagram Friends for St. Patrick's Day
This is intended as an amusing blog, so I hope it is taken as such. In it, I suggest ideal gifts for each of the enneatypes, why this gift is just the thing to get them, and pictures of the items are included. Guess which Enneagram style this picture might best please? Click here to read this blog.

What Type Is Steve Jobs?
I had written an earlier blog questioning whether or not Steve Jobs was an Enneagram 7. This blog was based primarily on his sister's euology. I wrote this because many Enneagrammers seemed to assume this was so, perhaps based on his wild success as an innovator. Having worked as a consultant at Apple during the Jobs era (though I never met him, I heard many stories and experienced the kind of organization he had created), I never thought he was clearly a 7. I had planned to write a blog about his type after I read Isaacson's book, but I lost interest half-way through reading. I realized that he was fascinating and complex, but I really didn't have much energy about figuring out what his type might be. My interest lay more in creating an intelligent and non-aggressive conversation about what his type might be and why. My friend and colleague from Ireland, Barry Ahern, wrote me that he really thought Jobs was a 4 and gave such interesting reasons, I invited Barry to write this blog! Click here to read Barry's blog.

Enneagram Styles and Curiosity
Gerry Fathauer, Senior member of the Enneagram in Business Network, writes wonderful Insight Activities from her new home in Sedona, Arizona! This month's activity instills in us the importance of curiosity. From here, I've written a blog on how each of the 9 Enneagram styles can embolden their natural curiosity, using the Three Centers of Intelligences - and some important concepts from Bea Chestnut - as a framework. Click here to read this blog.

Development Tip: The Physical Enneagram


Body-based self-development is essential for our growth, and when I learn something simple, practical, and effective, I try to pass the information along to others. In the most recent "Coaching with the Enneagram" program in Marina del Rey, Peter O'Hanrahan (who was there as a participant) shared this with the others attending. When someone who was feeling de-energized asked Peter what he could recommend, this was his answer:

"When you are feeling drained, de-energized, or not as vital as you would like, simply take deep breaths into your entire Heart Center area (at least 3 deep breaths that you fully exhale)."

Everyone found this so useful. I personally had always thought of breathing like this as an excellent way to access the Heart Center and emotions, but never had thought of it as a re-vitalization of all energy. Thanks, Peter!



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Enneagram iPhone App  
Created by Ginger Lapid-Bogda, this animated, interactive App for home and work includes typing and how to prevent conflict; reduce stress; interact with others; and engage in development activities specific to your type. There are type videos, a way to test your Enneagram knowledge in real-world situations, theory, and more


Only $2.99 on the iTunes App Store. Go to  

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