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September | 2011  
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What's on my Mind? A Link to Ginger's Blog...
September brought my very first, but not last, trip to South Africa:  a 3-day program in Cape Town, an evening at an important Coaching Centre affiliated with the University of Cape Town, a 5-day Coaching Certificate program in Johannesburg, and a very wonderful 3-day safari in between.
Cape Town is absolutely beautiful, the coastline is rustic and peaceful, and the day-trip to Robben Island where Nelson Mandela was imprisoned for many years (as well as other political prisoners) was moving and surprising. As oppressive as the prison was, it also feels like a palace of love, hope and inspiration. Partly, this is a result of the effort put into maintaining the location as a historic site (the tours are run by ex-prisoners), but it's also about the gripping stories of how the survivors taught one another, formed a community, and led the world to light.
All my programs went really well; in fact, I've been asked back for a couple of programs in late January. And I'm in conversation with Cape Town University MBA faculty about their doing some extended research based on our EIBN 2011 Benchmark Report. More about all of this in a few weeks.
The safari was incredible, a kind of grounded spiritual experience, is how I can best describe it. I went with Neil Harper and Moira (his wonderful wife) and Mary and Russ Maddocks from Australia, two of the most real and enjoyable people I have ever met. So with a 5-star safari and great company, it couldn't have been better. The elephants (and zebras and antelopes and buffalo) walked by our glass windowed chalets, so it was all up close and personal. And the food was outstanding.
I was gone almost 3 weeks, but managed to squeeze in some work with an old client up in the Sonoma/Napa area at month's end. It was very productive, but now I need some rest (and a diet)!
Ginger Lapid-Bogda
Author, Teacher, Consultant
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benchmark graphicEnneagram in Business: Best Practices Benchmark Report | Lessons learned from 72 companies | now available in French, as well as English and Spanish
A 2011 benchmark study conducted by The Enneagram in Business Network

The Benchmark Report study is now available in French (PDF) and Spanish (PDF) as well as English. Many thanks to Senior EIBN Members Pierre Debeine (France) and Gema de la Rosa (Spain) for the translations.

Contact Gema de la Rosa for your PDF in Spanish.
Contact Pierre Debeine for your PDF in French.

Contact for your PDF or print copy in English, Spanish, or French.

app iconKnow Your Type: New Enneagram iPhone App Update 
We're headed toward the 9000 download mark!!! 

The Enneagram in Business Blogs
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South Africa MapType and Culture: What Enneagram Type is South Africa?
You might want to read this inconclusive, somewhat ambiguous, and provocative blog!
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3 wingsEnneagram Theory: Three Things I Wonder about Subtypes
This blog describes the three questions I still have about subtypes and would love to know the answers to!
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VengeanceEnneagram Theory: Fixations (Habits of Mind) - Vengeance Typically associated with Enneagram Style 8, Vengeance also applies to all of us. Some have written that this blog is their favorite in the "Fixations Series." You can read how in this blog.
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EnthusiasmEnneagram Styles and Enthusiasm Gayle Hardie, Senior Member of the Enneagram in Business Network, has written about Enthusiasm, followed by my blog discussing how each of us, based on Enneagram style, can curb or enhance our own enthusiasm.
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2012 Programs: Enneagram in Business

I'm very excited that most of my 2012 certificate programs are now listed and available for online registration. There are coaching programs scheduled all over the world (and more to be added, including Australia), Train-the-Trainer programs based on both books (likely one in South Africa as well as two in the US), plus more.

The T-Groups with the Enneagram 5-day program should be the best personal growth/team development program ever. If you are interested in both, you should really come to this program!

And I've got a few more surprises in the works to talk about in the next few weeks. More later...  

Tip of the Month: Development for Tens

I received so many positive responses to my last month's "Development for Tens" that I'm going to continue it for now. Last month, the questions led one woman to quit her job, knowing that she and the organization would be better off!

This month, the idea involves "doing" for yourself. Here it is: Think of one thing you could do for yourself that is (1) healthy, (2) productive, (3) you would really like, (4) is affordable, and (5) stretches you beyond your comfort zone.

I'm working on mine right now. It has to do with getting back into healthy shape by the food I eat and the exercise I do regularly. It is totally free, but I have to commit to being willing to start now with the 2-month goal. How will I know I've gotten there? Not by a scale or what comments I receive. I'll know because I do it daily and feel better. It should be self-sustaining. 

Upcoming Program Schedule

T-Groups with the Enneagram
San Francisco, CA | March 26-30, 2012 | 5-days

Click here to register.    

Train-the-Trainer Certification Programs
What Type of Leader Are You? | July 20-25, 2012  | Marina del Rey, CA | 6-days
Click here to register.

Bringing Out the Best in Yourself at Work | July 30-August 4, 2012 | 6-days
Click here to register.

Coaching with the Enneagram for Managers, Mentors, and Coaches Certificate Programs
Milan, Italy (in Italian) |November 19-23, 2011 | 5-days
To register contact Marta Montemezzani.

Marina del Rey | February 27-March 2, 2012 | 5-days
Click here to register.

Montreal, Canada | May 7-11, 2012 | 5-days
Registration not yet available.

Hong Kong, China |  June 27-July 1, 2012 | 5-days
To register contact Gloria Hung.

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Enneagram iPhone App  
Created by Ginger Lapid-Bogda, this animated, interactive App for home and work includes typing and how to prevent conflict; reduce stress; interact with others; and engage in development activities specific to your type. There are type videos, a way to test your Enneagram knowledge in real-world situations, theory, and more



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