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July | 2011  
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What's on my Mind? A Link to Ginger's Blog...

Busy, busy, busy is on my mind. I'm way too busy, but (most) of what is keeping me busy is really fun and worth doing. The biggest busy is the completion of a truly amazing project from the EIBN (Enneagram in Business Network), the Best Practices Benchmark Report. For anyone interested in the Enneagram in organizations, it is a serious must-read (and it's free!). There is more on this report (really, a research study) below in this newsletter.


Next, I was very busy with several very enjoyable consulting projects. I enjoyed them because the focus of each project was exactly what the different clients really needed and the clients were open, receptive, and serious about making their lives and the experience of their clients as good as humanly possible.


The story most worth telling is that one of these projects occurred at a real dude ranch in Arizona, complete with horse-back riding, learning to lasso, too much great food, monsoons, and cowboy hats! My clients were not cowboys (or cowgirls), but chose this location as a treat for their retreat. Also very exciting in this project was to be able to use the Enneagram for a leadership transition process. We adapted a leadership transition methodology to include the Enneagram: new leader's type, old leader's type, team members' types, and the implications of all this to create a smooth transition process.


Other than lots of consulting work, the Benchmark Report, I've been preparing for the IEA Conference in Florida, where I am the endnote speaker, doing a session, and conducting Train-the-Trainer programs before and after the conference. Getting materials ready and transported for all these events is a challenge when there are so many close together.


I will be scheduling my two 2012 Train-the-Trainer and more "Coaching with the Enneagram" certificate programs when I return from Florida (IEA Conference and T-the-T programs) in mid-August. There will be some new programs offered in 2012 ("Consulting with the Enneagram" and "T-Groups with the Enneagram") that will be announced soon. Be on the look out! 

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Enneagram in Business: Best Practices Benchmark Report | Best practices benchmark study | Lessons learned from 72 companies

A 2011 benchmark study conducted by The Enneagram in Business Network


 benchmark graphicGet your free, 4-page comprehensive benchmark report covering the best practices of 72 companies worldwide that have been using the Enneagram for at least 18 months, with positive and sustainable results.  


Based on 39 in-depth interviews with leaders and consultants from 5 continents and 20 countries, learn the 6 most important critical success factors, the 10 most commonly used business applications, 3 wonderful surprises, and the 3 most important future trends.  In addition, 20 different companies gave us permission to use their names, so you can, too.   


Over 450 hours of human labor went into this study from a Benchmark Team that is part of the Enneagram in Business Network: Matt Ahrens (United States) |Lindy Amos (Australia) |Valerie Atkin (United States) |Gema de la Rosa (Spain) | Neil Harper (South Africa) | Martin Hawkes (Ireland) | Gloria Hung (China) | Ginger Lapid-Bogda (United States) | Bo Zoffman (Denmark) 


Contact for your PDF or print copy!    


Know Your Type: New Enneagram iPhone App Update

We're over the 7000 download mark and in over 43 countries!


And it appears that my Android Angel is real (meaning there will likely be an Android version), and it is too soon to know for sure or exactly when. But, since so many people have asked for an Android version, it seems that the Android Angel will be able to deliver on these wishes!



Claudio Naranjo: Subtypes Programs in the UK  September  23-29, 2011

Claudio is the master of the Enneagram subtypes, and because he rarely offers programs in English, I thought some of you would be interested in the following information:


Claudio Naranjo

Claudio Naranjo will lead a retreat at Gaunts House in Dorset, south of London, from the 23rd to the 29th of September 2011.

This will be the first of a series of three retreats in the UK led by Dr. Naranjo with the collective title "27 Characters in Search of Being." The aim of the series is to explore the deeper therapeutic and spiritual work in and around the Enneagram of personality. The Enneagram and the subtypes will provide the core content and will be supported by a selection of spiritual and therapeutic practices that foster self-knowledge and growth.  

For more information:    


Upcoming "Coaching with Enneagram" Certificate Programs Coaching Book


Based on Bringing Out the Best in Everyone You Coach, this program (worth 35.5 ICF credits) is being offered in the following locations in 2011:


South Africa: September 19-23  

Contact Neil Harper to register

: November 19-23  

In Italian - Contact Marta Montemezzani to register 



The Enneagram in Business Blogs
Read the July blogs:

Centers Enneagram Theory: Uncovering Your Purpose  

(part 2)  

Use the Enneatypes to uncover how to not let your "ego" stand in the way of taking action aligned with your true purpose!  

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Uncover Purpose 1Enneagram Theory: Uncovering Your Purpose (part 1)

Use the Enneagram symbol as a map for uncovering your core purpose in life!

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ProsperityEnneagram Styles and Prosperity

Gayle Hardie, Senior Member of the Enneagram in Business Network, has written a wonderful Insight about Prosperity, followed by my blog discussing how each of us, based on Enneagram Style, inhibit ourselves from being truly prosperous. 

                                           Click here to read this blog.    



Casey AnthonyCasey Anthony Trial and the Enneagram

This "notorious" trial received a huge amount of publicity, even beyond the US. Because I had been following the case for 3 years, I wrote a blog about the possible types of the key characters. Most of the comments on Facebook or the blog itself agree that Casey Anthony is likely a 7; some disagree with some of my other "type speculations," but that's good because these are simply guesses. The blog was written before the verdict was announced, which came in "not guilty."  

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Tip of the Month: Development for Nines

These are rather simple development ideas for each Enneagram style, or so they seem if you are not of the Enneagram type for whom it is recommended. Here is the simple activity (but not an easy one) for Enneagram Nines.


Nines: NInes take their own time to develop, but when they are ready and have made the decision to grow on their own, they can be unstoppable. It's almost as if they build up to the decision and then suddenly (or so it seems to the rest of us), they change. However, from the Nine's point of view, the change is not really sudden. They simply decided to take "right action."


Here are 3 ideas that help Nines develop:

  • Look in the mirror, take a really good look at yourself (and think about an area in which you have always wanted to express yourself) and ask this: if not now...when?
  • Consider your legacy. Think of the most important people in your life and one by one, ask yourself this question: How do I really want them to think of me in terms of being a person they can respect.
  • Reflect on the concept of "mattering." What matters most to you in your life? Who matters so much to you that you are willing to take a firm stand on their behalf? How do you show yourself that you matter to yourself? What are the ways in which you neglect yourself? What are the ways that you show yourself that you really matter? Can you expect others to treat you as if you matter if you don't do this for yourself?  

Remember that with Nines, once they understand mentally and emotionally what they must do, they do take "right action."  


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Enneagram iPhone App  
Created by Ginger Lapid-Bogda, this animated, interactive App for home and work includes typing and how to prevent conflict; reduce stress; interact with others; and engage in development activities specific to your type. There are type videos, a way to test your Enneagram knowledge in real-world situations, theory, and more



Only $2.99 on the iTunes App Store. Go to  


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