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October | 2010
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Ginger's Message
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I know it's November 1st, but with a weekend at month's end and my recent travel schedule, I am taking some liberty with the October Message slipping slightly into November!


So much has happened in October! I was in Hong Kong for a "Coaching with the Enneagram" certificate program, which was just wonderful. With almost thirty dedicated people - primarily from Hong Kong, but also from mainland China, Singapore, and Australia - it showed just how cross-cultural and transportable the program is. The hotel also had fabulous food, and there were numerous weddings taking place, so the clothes and decorations were astounding. Post program, I went to Macau with Gloria Hung and her family for a few days of rest and relaxation. Macau has a very interesting combination of Portuguese and Chinese art, architecture, and food.


When I returned, we found out the coaching program received ICF accreditation. This was very exciting, and the 35.5 credits toward the ICF coaching credential make it even more credible and useful to past and future participants who are applying for ICF coaching certificates or who need CCEs to renew their licenses. Thank you all who sent me your good wishes about this.


Back in the States, I was frantically working on several projects, including materials for three one-day programs- the Enneagram, Leadership, and Coaching - in Milan for mid-November, all of which need translation, as well as for a one-day program on coaching and the Enneagram in Los Angeles on November 6 for the Southern California IEA. All this had to be done in advance because I had to leave seven days for back-to-back Train-the Trainer programs in Santa Fe, New Mexico. If you want to attend the Milan or LA event, more information is available by clicking here.


For the first program based on Bringing Out the Best in Yourself at Work, almost half the participants were from South America. It went very well, people learned a lot (including me), and I miss everyone already! Now I am in the midst of the second Train-the-Trainer based on What Type of Leader Are You?


People ask why I do so many programs in Santa Fe, and all I can say is that it is a highly spiritual, extremely beautiful city (really, it's a town) with all kinds of excellent food, beautiful sites, fun shopping, and the La Fonda Hotel is historic, plus the original owners were students of Gurdjieff. It's a historic landmark, complete with a ghost in the main dining room.


I am also working on a new big project that I can't talk about yet, but will in November. It has taken my attention for the past 6 months, and I am eager to launch it and just as eager to have it completed. More on this soon!

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The Enneagram in Business Blog

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There are five blogs on Enneagram theory this month, with three of them on Enneagram theory, I am becoming even more passionate about the need to clarify and discuss theory more than ever before. Why? Because there is so much of it, the theories can be confusing or appear contradictory, and because I think it is so important for us all to consider the validity and applicability of the theories we believe and use.

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Have you considered that each Enneagram style is actually the convergence of the issues and energies of the two styles (wings) on either side of it?  Click here to read this blog.


Enneagram Theory: Wings

Do you know what they wings for each style are and how they add potential attributes to our core Enneagram style?  Click here to read this blog.

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Have you considered that each Enneagram style is actually the convergence of the issues and energies of the arrows pointing toward and away from each style? Click here to read this blog.

womenHow to Choose the Right Job Using the Enneagram I have a background in career development from working with my dear friend Beverly Kaye in the 1980s and 90s, so when I was asked to write this blog for a website in Chile, I said yes immediately and also posted it on my blog.  Click here to read this blog.


Enneagram Styles and Empowerment

You can read this month's insight blog on how to use the Enneagram to achieve real empowerment.  Click here to read this blog.

Tip of the Month: Coaching

No matter how effective you are as a coach, your Enneagram style always affects the way in which you coach. When the coaching is going well, that's fine. But when the coaching seems to not be as effective as you desire, ask yourself this question: How would coaches of the other eight styles think, feel, and respond in this situation? What advice might they give me? You could even ask yourself these highly specific questions from the 9 points of view:

Ones: What could you be doing to be more precise, more exact, and more clear with your client?

Twos: What does your client really need, even beyond what he or she can articulate?

Threes: What result is your client seeking, and how much progress is being made?

Fours: What would give your client true meaning and purpose? What inspires him or her?

Fives: Help your client grasp the cause and effect and systematic aspects of the issues he or she faces.

Sixes: Are you giving your client enough support and enough challenge simultaneously?

Sevens: Always help your client dream and have hope in possibilities. Are you doing that?

Eights: What are the big things your client really must address and taken action on? Help them face what this is and take action.

Nines: All action comes from a point of view. Can your client accept and absorb more than one point of view and integrate these into concrete, desired action?

Relevant Resources

Relevant Resources

Books: Bringing Out the Best in Everyone You Coach

Website: Business Applications: Coaching; Join the Enneagram Learning Portal and go to Coaching for in-depth information

Certificate Program: Coaching with the Enneagram Certificate Program

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