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September | 2010
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Ginger 2009

I'm sitting on the airplane coming home from the Finnish Coaching with the Enneagram Certificate Program based on Bringing Out the Best in Everyone You Coach. The participants were more wonderful than I could have dreamed; open, smart, lovely, and talented. I just had a great time with them, thanks to Kristiina Harju, a Senior Member of the Enneagram in Business Network, who had the vision and made this happen.

My last night there, I did an evening program for 60 people on the topic of the Enneagram and decision-making. The session was in a great old hall, full of old-time Enneagrammers, plus about 15 - 20 university-age younger people who came via Leila Valtonen, also a Senior Member of the EIBN.  Leila has been teaching an Enneagram course at a polytechnic institute and is turning all these great younger people on to the system! When the younger folks were in type groups with the older folks, it was as if the older generation was mentoring the young people. But the reverse was also true, with the younger participants asking the most insightful questions, making the "elders" really think, and adding such freshness to it all.

 I could talk more about both programs more but, instead, I want to share some interesting things I learned in Finland:

      Finland is an Enneagram 5 culture (and they are so warm); the average Finn spends about 40+ minutes during the weekday reading the newspaper and more than this on the weekend.

      Finnish food is excellent (though they say they have no true Finnish cuisine); great salads, fish, desserts, and more.

      Finnish people are not accustomed to be self-disclosing in public or doing interactive/experiential learning activities (but they had no problem doing it) this week!  I didn't know this in advance, but it worked out well.

      And did you know there really are reindeer? They are from the Lapland area! I even learned where Lapland is!

I could tell you that the airlines lost half my luggage, so the night before the program, it was still missing. Or, I could tell you how I went to a spa in Estonia (Tallin) and almost got taken to the police station by a taxi driver. But, instead, I just want to say that I had the very best time in Finland. Maybe it will become my new favorite country!

Once home in Santa Monica, it's 1.5 days there and then off to Hong Kong for another coaching certificate program, one I am co-teaching with the very-busy Gloria Hung! I am looking forward to being with Gloria and both old and new friends. It will serve me best to stay on Finnish time for 2 days, since Hong Kong is only 5 hours later than Helsinki, but 15 hours later than Los Angeles.

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2010: Train-the-Trainer Programs: October 22 - November 3; Join Us!

TtT BOBYWThere are still spaces available for these programs in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Both programs will be held at the historic La Fonda Hotel.


Build your Enneagram knowledge and professional skills, knowledge, and confidence.
See the Enneagram come alive in its business applications.
Engage, learn, and grow with wonderful people!

Train-the-Trainer: Bringing Out the Best in Yourself at Work

October 22-27, 2010  Registration Fee: $1300 USD

Focuses on the core business applications of the Enneagram for use in teams and groups

Click here for complete program information.

Click here to register.

Train-the-Trainer: What Type of Leader Are You?

October 29 - November 3, 2010 Registration Fee $1600 USD

Focuses on developing leaderships skills and competencies

Click here for complete program description.

Click here to register.

The programs can be done altogether. And people who have done one after the other have actually found it beneficial and not tiring (which amazes me!).

Participants who want to attend both programs can do so at a discounted rate of $2500 instead of $2900.

For the discounted rate, please contact the office directly; the online store is not programmed to offer this option. To register online for either program, click here.

The Enneagram in Business Blog

                      Read the September Blogs!  Click on the title. 


Enneagram Theory Blog Series

 There is nothing so practical as a good theory.

- Kurt Lewin*

The series of theory blogs are dear to my heart and mind. Here's the theory issue as I have experienced and perceived since I was on the Board of the IEA, then became its president, and then went off to write my books, website, etc.

There's no consensus or agreement on some of the Enneagram theory; different teachers teach it differently (at least to some degree) and actually do disagree on some of the Enneagram's important elements; we don't know the source of many of the theories about which there is both agreement and disagreement, and this raises issues of credibility based on source; some people think a theory is true if their "teacher" has said it is true; some people think a theory is true because they themselves think it's true.

The list could go on and on, but as a way to deal with this confusion, Ginger's Blog has a series of Enneagram theory blogs, some authored by me and some by guests bloggers. I selected theories I like, use, and believe to be true. And, I've asked the guests to do the same, even if we don't always agree with each other!  At least we're challenging ourselves to say, Is this true? How do we know it? How sure are we?

Enneagram Theory: Arrows - A Guest blog by Jerry Wagner

Does the theory of the Arrows under conditions of stress and security withstand the "test" of research? Read what Jerry has to say about this, based on doctoral research. Click here to read this blog.

Enneagram Theory: Arrows - A Guest Blog by Peter O'Hanrahan

Does the theory of the Arrows under conditions of stress and security withstand the "test" of first-hand experience in therapeutic situations? Read what body-worker Peter O'Harahan has to say from his years of experience working with clients.

Click here to read this blog.

Enneagram Theory: Projection and Enneagram Styles - A Guest Blog by Jerry Wagner

Jerry Wagner has created wonderful insights about how individuals of each Enneagram style project aspects of themselves onto the rest of us. Read what we tend to "own" and "disown" about ourselves based on Enneagram style.

Click here to read this blog.

Enneagram Styles and Possibilities

I wrote this blog based on an activity created by Ruth Landis.  You can read it to learn how each of us use, based on our Enneagram style, obstacles to living in the world of possibility and how we can each open ourselves to the possibilities in our lives.

Click here to read this blog.

Tip of the Month: Training

How do trainers work best with program participants (or students) of the 9 Enneagram styles? Here are some ideas:

With One Students: Be organized, structured, and logical in how you present material; this provides enough order so you can then help Ones relax and be more open to new ideas and approaches

With Two Students: Be warm, relational, and affirming and make this equal in importance to the training content; this relaxes Twos and allows them to focus on their own learning needs

With Three Students: Make sure the learning goals are clear, the resources are available, and that they believe you believe in them; this allows them to relax enough to try new things

With Four Students: Give them your attention and time, and make sure you listen to them; when you draw them out and they feel accepted and understood, their creativity will pour forth.

With Five Students: Make sure you understand what you are teaching, then build systemic frameworks as platforms from which to teach; without this, Fives will have trouble learning, and you'll have little credibility to help them become more comfortable engaging with others and experiencing emotions

With Six Students: Help them perceive you as someone they feel they can count on to be available when needed and who will not discount their fears; this provides them enough stability so they can absorb what you are teaching and thrive in the learning environment

With Seven Students: Stimulate them, encourage them, and help them learn focus/self-management skills; once they do, they will be able to integrate the content they are learning at far deeper level

With Eight Students: Give them their space, stand your ground, and do not get into power or control struggles with them; from this mutually respectful place, Eights can learn

With Nine Students: Accept them, respect them, and ask them what they think: these behaviors on your part encourage Nines  to come out of hiding!

 Relevant Resources

Books: Bringing Out the Best in Yourself at Work andWhat Type of Leader Are You?

Website: Join the Enneagram Learning Portal and go to Training for in-depth information

Certificate Programs: Train-the-Trainer:  Bringing Out the Best in Yourself at Work andWhat Type of Leader Are You?

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