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August | 2010
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Bringing Out the Best in Yourself At Work - book
What Type of Leader Are You? - book
Bringing Out the Best In Everyone You Coach - book
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What's on my Mind? A Link to Ginger's Blog...

Ginger 2009August was full of Enneagram-related travel and workshops, primarily the International Enneagram Association Conference followed by my 2nd 5-day Coaching with the Enneagram Certificate Program based on Bringing Out the Best in Everyone You Coach.


I enjoyed the conference, particularly seeing Don Riso; it was heart-warming to be with him again. Although I could only go to a few sessions - I had to skip Friday afternoon to meet with a client - I loved Jerry Wagner's keynote on the Rosetta Stone. Funny and wise, Jerry delivered a clear message: Be watchful, wary and open to Enneagram theory. Test it out for yourself. Don't just accept something as true just because someone you admire says it is so!


Also excellent was Helen Palmer's session on Enneagram type and addiction (the focus was on gambling addiction, but it really applied to all), as well as Uranio Paes' program on movement around the Enneagram symbol that was based on some very deep work he has been studying and using extensively.


My coaching session went very well. Here's what the Enneagram Monthly reviewer said about it:

Ginger continues to set the standard in training coaches to use the Enneagram in one-on-one and team coaching environments. Ginger distinguished between the various development challenges that a client faces, and warned against the pitfalls that any coach can encounter. The presentation was a practical but comprehensive look at the Enneagram-based coaching arena. As ever, Ginger organizes small groups and paired sharing to ensure solid learning. Good theory, good practices, good presentation from a pro. Her seminars always include an example or two of the exceptional collateral materials that she has developed to aid those who study her approaches and utilize her coaching and training methodologies. These are works of art.


Finally, the San Francisco Coaching with the Enneagram certificate program. If I could have imagined a more wonderful set of participants, it would not have been nearly so great as the attendees in San Francisco: 34 people who were committed to learning and growth. What more could I ask for? Some magic happened. Thank you all who attended, but also Gloria Hung, Val Atkin, and Ken Sergi who assisted in various ways.


At month end, I'm off to an NTL (National Training Labs) meeting near Washington DC because Beth Appelgate, an OD consultant and past Train-the-Trainer participant, was just voted into NTL membership. As her sponsor, I promised to support her at the meeting. Beth and I hope to run some T-groups that integrate the Enneagram in the not-too-distant future. Congratulations, Beth!

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Reminder: Train-the-Trainer Programs in October and November, 2010

TtT BOBYWThere are still spaces available for these programs in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Both programs will be held at the historic La Fonda Hotel.


Build your Enneagram knowledge and professional skills, knowledge, and confidence.
See the Enneagram come alive in its business applications.
Engage, learn, and grow with wonderful people!

Train-the-Trainer: Bringing Out the Best in Yourself at Work

October 22-27, 2010  Registration Fee: $1300 USD

Focuses on the core business applications of the Enneagram for use in teams and groups

Click here for complete program information.

Click here to register.

Train-the-Trainer: What Type of Leader Are You?

October 29 - November 3, 2010 Registration Fee $1600 USD

Focuses on developing leaderships skills and competencies

Click here for complete program information.

Click here to register.

The programs can be done altogether. And people who have done one after the other have actually found it beneficial and not tiring (which amazes me!).

Participants who want to attend both programs can do so at a discounted rate of $2500 instead of $2900.

For the discounted rate, please contact the office directly; the online store is not programmed to offer this option. To register online for either program, click here.

The Enneagram in Business Blog
Read the August Blogs!  Click on the title. HeadHeartGut

Enneagram Theory Blog Series

 There is nothing so practical as a good theory.

- Kurt Lewin*

In this series of forthcoming blogs, I will share the Enneagram-related theories that I most often use, why I believe they are likely to be true and accurate, their source as I know it, and why I believe they are so practical. I'll also be asking several Enneagram teachers who are part of the Enneagram in Business Network to guest blog on their favorite theories.

This first blog discusses the Enneagram Centers of Intelligence, a topic selected because I believe it is fundamental to our understanding of the Enneagram; some teachers hardly refer to it; some use the theory but I think not completely or accurately, and many teachers use it both accurately and effectively.  Gema de la Rosa from Spain wrote this about the blog: "So clear and helpful."

Enneagram Theory: The Three Centers of Intelligence

The next blog in the series focuses on the primary psychological defense mechanisms for each Enneagram style, a topic selected because though many Enneagram teachers use this concept, others do not.  Subsequent blogs will include concepts and practices related to wings; arrows (written by Senior Enneagram in Business Network member Peter O'Hanrahan); subtypes; the 9-3-6 movement; the 1-4-2-8-5-7 movement; and a lot more.


Enneagram and Coaching Blog Series

This series includes three different blogs on how to coach individuals from the Head Center (Fives, Sixes, Sevens); the Heart Center (Twos, Threes, and Fours); and this final one on how to coach Body Center style clients.

Coaching: Enneagram Body Center Styles: Eight, Nine, and One

Enneagram Styles and Communication with Famous People Blog Series

This is the last of a nine-part series on how the Enneagram styles communicate and comes with short YouTube links demonstrating two famous people of each style communicating. These can be used for your own education and enjoyment or for use with groups when teaching the Enneagram.

Famous Nines: Sandra Bullock and the Dalai Lama

Be sure to read the earlier eight blogs in this series.

Enneagram Styles and Discernment

This blog is based on an activity created by Ruth Landis and ideas from me that enable individuals of the nine styles to be more discerning. Discernment is the "ability to judge well." Some styles are over-discerning; some discern too little! Within this series, this particular blog was the most challenging and stimulating to write. Click here to read this blog.

You can read all past blogs by clicking on The Enneagram in Business Blog.

Tip of the Month: Consulting

Do you have special consulting gifts? Are you respecting them and using them wisely? Here are the special consulting gifts of each Enneagram style:

Ones: Precise, keep clients focused on task, deliver consistent quality work

Twos: Client need-focused, relate well with diverse groups and individuals, strong inquiry and listening skills

Threes: Concrete, practical, instill confidence

Fours: Forthright, intuitive, develop deep relationships with clients

Fives: Build systemic frameworks, fair and objective, excellent diagnosticians

Sixes: Responsive, trustworthy, excellent problem identifiers and problem solvers

Sevens: Mentally agile, embrace change and innovation, highly energetic

Eights: Strategic, tireless, willing to challenge and confront

Nines: Consistent, excellent relationship builders, strong mediators


Relevant Resources

Website: Join the Enneagram Learning Portal and go to Consulting for in-depth information

Certificate Program: Consulting with the Enneagram (open only to past participants of other certificate programs)


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Stay Tuned for Next Month's Tip on Coaching

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