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July 10, 2012

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The AVMA Annual Convention offers education, networking and fun for technicians. NEW programming includes: Technician Boot Camp, Town Hall Meeting and a revamped Networking Reception, sponsored by Elanco Animal Health. Also new is the CE Refresh & Rewind area, sponsored by Hills Pet Nutrition-designed with you in mind.
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Here are some reasons why 2011 Veterinary Technician of the Year, Josh L. Clark, MS, RVT, is a NAVTA member:
  • To be a good role model for my students. I teach an Introduction to Veterinary Technology course as well as a Veterinary Practice Management course and spend time in both courses talking to students about the importance of joining and being active within our professional organizations.
  • To make sure that I have a voice in issues pertaining to the profession that are important to me. Being a member also allows me to participate in Executive Board elections as well as voting on changes to the constitution/bylaws.
  • To network with other members of the profession. While a nice resume and good interviewing skills still play an important role in obtaining a job or advancing in our careers, many times, who you know is equally important. Because of this, I believe that we need to take every opportunity we can to interact with others in the profession.
  • To receive The NAVTA Journal. It's a great way to stay informed about what is happening within the organization and the profession as well as a good source of CE.
  • Because I believe strongly that a professional organization has "strength in numbers" when it comes to advocating for changes in the profession. Generally speaking, the larger the organization (i.e., the number of members), the more seriously they are taken by others (e.g., the general public, politicians, etc.), which results in an organization that has more clout and
    communicates with one strong voice.
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Journal cover July August 2012


We just finished the latest edition of The NAVTA Journal and found two errors. We accidentally misspelled "anesthesia" on the front cover and published the wrong date for the National Veterinary Technician Week. The correct date is Oct. 14 to 20. We must have wanted to celebrate a few days earlier this year!


We're sorry about our errors and thank you for understanding that we are human.


P.S. Only members in good standing receive The NAVTA Journal by mail. Have you missed the last few editions? If you haven't renewed for 2012, seize the day and renew now, so you don't miss out!