I see that you haven't renewed your NAVTA membership for 2012. I hope this was an oversight or perhaps your application is already on its way but if not, I urge you to renew today! If you aren't planning to renew, I welcome and encourage you to take a moment to reply and let me know why. I want to make sure you are getting what you need from your membership in your national association.

If you have just been busy or forgot to renew, I understand. Please consider this a friendly reminder because I don't want you to miss the latest and greatest news concerning veterinary technicians. If you don't register soon, we won't be able to send you the newly expanded, bi-monthly magazine with RACE-approved CE credits. Or share discounts, including up to 40 percent off of health, life, and long-term care insurance, plus discounts on supplies you need like stethoscopes or fun family perks, like saving money on movie tickets, theme parks, and travel.

There's also something important I want to point out - NAVTA isn't as strong or important without you. You are what makes NAVTA an essential part of the veterinary field and gives NAVTA a strong voice in the industry. Without you, NAVTA isn't the same.

Do you want to help us create a more positive environment for veterinary technicians? How about new opportunities for all of the fantastic veterinary technicians in the field? Yes? We do too! And with you as a member it helps make NAVTA stronger and thus we can do more to help shape the industry and make sure technicians are represented. 


So, how about? Come back to the team!

If you renewed in the last few weeks, I'm sorry to bother you. We are in the midst of processing those applications and your information will be updated shortly. Be it that you renew today or if you did just recently, I hope to hear that you've rejoined NAVTA.

And don't forget about the annual conference coming up in November - it'll be here before you know it. Plus, scholarships are only available for NAVTA members. So please join NAVTA and plan to attend the conference in Washington, D.C., on Nov. 16 to 18.


Andrea Ball, Executive Director
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