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Your E-Connection to NAVTA January 19, 2010 


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Upcoming Events
Jan 23-24: Technician Symposium at Tufts University
Jan 23-24: UC Davis Behavior Medicine Symposium 
Feb 4-7: 
Veterinary Management Institute: Financial Management at Purdue University
Feb 6-7:  WEZAM Exotics Conference at the University of Wisconsin - Madison
Feb 14-18: 
Feb 21: Western MD Vet Tech CE Seminar [contact Laura at for info] 
Feb 25-28:  Music City Veterinary Conference in Nashville, TN
Feb 26-27:  VALVT Winter Meeting in Roanoke, VA
March 3:  DCAVM Technician Program on Clinical Pathology
March 18-21:  AAHA Yearly Conference in Long Beach, CA
March 28: Safer Pet Vaccination Seminar in San Diego, CA
March 31: 
DCAVM Technician Program on Geriatric Medicine
April 9-12:  CVC Baltimore
April 14-18: VECCS Spring Meeting in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico 
June 9-12:  ACVIM Forum in Anaheim, CA 
July 15-18:  Pacific Veterinary Conference in San Francisco, CA
July 31-August 3: 
AVMA Annual Convention in Atlanta, GA
August 1: Annual SVBT Membership Meeting & Reception in Atlanta, GA 
August 28-31:  CVC Central in Kansas City, MO
You can now submit events to our online calendar by visiting and clicking "Events."  Those published on the calendar will also be included in our bi-weekly e-newsletter listing. 
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Live from NAVC!
The NAVTA Executive Board, staff, and many NAVTA members are currently enjoying the NAVC Conference in Orlando, Florida!  To kick off this e-newsletter, we'd like to announce your 2010 NAVTA Executive Board: 
  • President - Denise Mikita, MS, CVT
  • President Elect - Julie Legred, CVT
  • Secretary - Catherine Holly, CVT
  • Treasurer - Julie Urban, BA, LVT
  • Member at Large - Roxane Rocks, AAS, CVT
  • Member at Large - Amy Weiss, LVMT, CAHT
  • Past President - Cherylann Gieseke, BA, CVT, LATG 

2010 NAVTA Executive Board

The following awards were presented at our annual meeting:
  • Northern Virginia Community College was named the SCNAVTA Chapter of the Year
  • Mary Hatfield, LVMT, MEd, LAT of Lincoln Memorial University was named the SCNAVTA Advisor of the Year
  • Kara Burns, MS, MEd, LVT was named Veterinary Technician of the Year
Congratulations to our new Executive Board and award winners!  Each award winner will be featured in upcoming issues of The NAVTA Journal, so you'll have the opportunity to get to know them.  Keep reading for more exciting announcements that were made at NAVC!
Certification for Veterinary Technician Assistants
Yesterday, NAVTA announced the creation of a certification process for Veterinary Technician Assistants.  We are prepared to begin approving schools that would allow future graduates to become Certified Veterinary Technician Assistants.  More information will be available on our website soon!
AAHA to Develop Nutrition Guidelines
The American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) announced plans to develop official AAHA Nutritional Guidelines which will serve as a set of protocols that veterinarians can use in their practices to help them ensure that every pet receives a nutritional assessment and recommendation with every hospital visit.  Hill's Pet Nutrition, Inc. has joined AAHA in their efforts to elevate the importance of nutrition.  Hill's Pet Nutrition, Inc. has provided funding to help bring together the task force that will develop the guidelines and has committed to future plans to help the profession implement the guidelines once developed.
Helping Haiti
NAVC is doing their part to help the victims of the earthquakes in Haiti.  Visit their Facebook page to learn more. 
The Haiti Project (featured in the Summer 2009 Journal) is also helping those in need.  Visit their website for more information.
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