September 2012
Energy of 9/9!
From survival to thriving consciousness

In "light" of the many positive replies to my last energy update, I'm taking a few moments "to bring to light" today's energy activation.  During the end of August, I was shown the energy shift that brought us to the current energies of September. In particular, I was shown the energy of today's heavenly energies of 9/9. I hope you find this helpful!  Have a lovely week ahead!

heavenly beams of light from the sky  


9:9 Gateway Anchoring with Lady Nada


All Rights Reserved & Copyright Michelle Manders

Channelled in Johannesburg, South Africa on 09 September 2006


"...We are activating this portal inside you on a very deep level today. By this we mean your energy is taken into the core vibration of the 9th dimension where Lady Nada is facilitating a 12th level 9 dimensional initiation, meaning that you are standing within the realms of the Ascended Master vibration, receiving a blessing through the 9th to access Higher Dimensional Wisdom in the form of many aspects of Spiritual Illumination, the higher aspects of anchoring and living within the Rays of Unconditional Love and amplifying your creative power and strengthening the ability to manifest form through the creative vortices held within your sacral and throat chakras.


"Each vortex is a vibration created for the purpose of dismantling the old and creating the new. As one focuses one's consciousness on the millions of energies around the planet, one realizes that a vortex of energy is in fact, a gateway to another dimension..."


Today's activation is "...bringing in the 9th dimensional consciousness into the base chakra of our world, facilitating the uprising of consciousness from survival motivation and anchoring love motivation. These energies result in people attracting opportunities to themselves to integrate the deep understanding of the

difference between survival and thriving, and what one chooses to thrive on. Many people thrive on drama and negativity. This is a choice you are now to become more aware of than ever before. You can manifest an abundance of obstacles, chaos and drama, or an abundance of positive opportunities. Humanity must now choose what they wish to thrive on..."


To read this free channeling in its entirety, please click here to go to the Palace of Peace's web site/free channeling page.

Monday, Sept. 10, 1:30 p.m. EDT ~ will be recorded
Since September is death, renewal, balance, and the energies of 9/9 are also to assist us in moving from "survival mode" to thriving consciousness, this is perfect timing to receive the additional activation and assistance provided by the Law of Fair Exchange. As Mary Magdalene explains in the Law of Fair Exchange, "...It is extremely important to embrace your power to move beyond the fears which are your greatest obstacle to spiritual growth, especially those based on lack, limitation, and restrictive belief systems.


"Ignorance is the energy which inhibits the growth of humanity's collective heart and through the Cosmic Laws we are creating a new divine sacred weave, which shall embrace the ignorant ones and show them the light at the end of their tunnel leading to the liberation of their soul and their spirit.

"The Cosmic Law of Evolution does not permit anyone to remain stagnant forever. There comes a time where this law shifts individuals into another octave of their sacred journey forcing them if need be to see, to feel, to know, and to understand that anything which stagnates causes disease also known as dis-ease. This in itself manifests imbalance which causes many other impossible aspects; these aspects which I refer to as "impossible" are ones which you have difficulty in understanding..."


On Monday, September 10th, I will be joined with another Golden Temple Teacher from the Palace of Peace, Samantha Gilbert, at 1:30 p.m. to take you through the Law of Fair Exchange's activation, which is the anchoring of the Cosmic Law of Fair Exchange. 

"...As the light of these energies penetrate your body, you are bangel holding scale of balanceeing brought the Cosmic Law of Fair Exchange. It is vital that all understand the importance of all the Cosmic Laws, and the reason why we are beginning specifically with the Law of Fair Exchange is because all must realise that everything in the Universe must be balanced, therefore, a fair exchange of energy is an essential part of maintaining balance. This law instills a deeper awareness of how you feel and how circumstances change when balance is absent and how it often impacts on one's self worth and inhibits the ability to live by the Law of Abundance. 


"Now the fair exchange of energy has many dimensions to its essence, energy continues to move, can never be destroyed, and when there is imbalance in the exchange of energy, the natural law is to bring that energy into balance. This means that you are bound to a person, people, situations, and patterns in all areas of life until the energy has been balanced, until there has been a fair exchange of energy.

"There is no escaping this Cosmic Law for it is the natural order through which energy passes. The fair exchange of energy is not limited to the exchange of money passing hands, it is not limited to how it is that you extend energy to others in giving,
it is vital that you understand that you need to have a fair exchange of energy with yourself in relation to certain areas of your life, therefore, if you are overdoing it in any area of your life and other parts of your life's quadrant is lacking energy those parts, or the part of your life lacking balance will push you and challenge you and bind you to its vibration until you have brought your life into a state of balance."

During this workshop, we will not only take you through this law's energy activation, but we will help you with understanding how it works and the baby steps you can take in your own life to ground a higher way of living, as there are four areas of life one must pay attention to, and when any one or more of these areas are out of balance, then one experiences a life that is not in harmony.


As with all workshops, courses, and private sessions, this will be recorded if you cannot attend during the live presentation.  It is your intention and heart-felt desire that you will receive this energy in it's fullness whenever it is that you can listen to this event.  To register, please click here. Also, you will see this intensive workshop is followed by a 7-week long course of the first 12 of the 55 Cosmic Laws. This workshop is a perfect way to begin the 7-week course since it would be putting "you" first, which is the KEY to abundant life you wish to lead or see increase in your life!  How does one do that? How does it work? Come to our workshop for help!  We'd love to see you there!

As with *personal sessions, I will be setting a sacred space, asunflower with celtic tree of lifend those in attendance either live or when you listen later, we will be calling in your own guardian angels and souls to assist you as well. (Both the workshop and the course will be recorded and emailed afterwards.) It is with this extremely important regular connection and communication that you receive your own guidance which many are either missing or not used to paying attention to, and often times it is the simplest ideas that can make the biggest change. You never know what may be offered as suggestions. I can tell you that it's always been a wonderful experience for those who've attended in the past!

Balance is key to living in the Golden Age. It is my prayer that my work is helpful to those who are searching for this assistance, seeking ways in which to ground their spirituality in their own daily living. 
Sent with much love and in appreciation, 

Rev. Faith Parent Hendrickson

Spiritual Resource Director, HeartLight Communications,, and

Golden Temple Teacher, Palace of Peace, a University of Light,



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*Please note that when emailing me for personal sessions via Phone/Skype, it is my intention to schedule a time with you as soon as my schedule permits, as I balance my own life--thanks to teachings I received within the Law of Fair Exchange!  Please be sure you email me as outlined on this page so I can reply with a date/time that works for both of us. It actually causes delays if you simply just say "I need a session ASAP."  Also, I don't remember everyone's time zones, and with daylight savings time changing for various countries around the world at this time of year, it can cause a mix up of our appointment  Thank you!