If you are feeling the intense emotions of highs and lows and wonder "is this ever going to end?", as well as exhaustion, know you are in the company of many world wide.  Dropping that which no longer serves us so that we can live a more joyful life ain't easy, but it is very worth it. I've been working with the Palace of Peace, a University of Light, this entire year to bring talks, classes, and programs each month to assist with these extremely intense times that demand our inner reflection so that we can balance ourselves emotionally, mentally, physically, and spiritually.
Personally, I am also feeling this intensity of ups and downs, so I continue to take care of myself as I would nurture a young child: maybe it's just as simple as some quiet time, extra rest, a better diet, play time, laugh with a friend, and even go to Zumba fitness class and wiggle and laugh to some amazing music! Oh my gosh, Zumba is my new addiction, I am happy to admit! (This is a Latin-music based dance fitness program; it's exercise in disguise!)
I have found that over the years my daily spiritual practice has been the most amazing source of strength and foundation, and it is when the chaos of life has interrupted my important routine is when I feel "off." The self-discipline (self-teaching and inner reflection) and perseverance of putting my spiritual work first has proven time and time again that knowing myself is what keeps me strong and in faith--even when those around you "have lost it!"  Do not underestimate the power of daily prayer and connection to your soul, healing, and guardian angels as you also connect to Spirit, God, or Source.  


So, just when you probably need it the most right now, there is an oasis! The month of June itself comes to greet you with a childlike mischievous energy asking you to dance within the joyful expression of what you have come to recognize about yourself thus far:




Your authentic self includes your inner child, and this high vibration energy of play becomes part of Faith funny dancingyour energy field, so play within the energy of everything that is new, such as the change which has come about to show you a new direction, or your new point of focus, etc. It's even the little things that nurture your inner child, like spoiling yourself with something as simple as a piece of your favorite dessert!   I saw the new MEN IN BLACK III movie last week where K (Tommy Lee Jones) says to J (Will Smith), "surrender to the pie."  It seems ridiculous to stop and have a slice of pie "when the world is coming to an end," but in choosing to accept where you are right in that moment (even if you don't know what the next move is), THAT takes courage. It is courage that allows you to surrender. Acceptance and surrender is NOT giving up. When they "surrendered to the pie" in the movie, that's when the "obvious solution" was found.  Often we get stuck and don't know what to do because the soul-ution to a situation is in a higher energy than the one we're standing in at that moment. You have to be IN the energy of your dreams, hopes, and wishes to allow them in your space, and playing on a regular basis is the best way to do this. In case you haven't noticed, no matter how hard you work, "it's never going to be enough." There isn't enough action in the world to counter your thoughts and emotions you hold most of the time. 
Here in the states June is a month where schools get out, the weather turns our attention to more outdoor activities, and we naturally want to play. This month is an opportunity to unite with that which is contributing positively to the magic of what you have chosen to focus upon.
Joyfully expressing your authentic nature brings the childlike qualities of innocence, playfulness, and awe into your energy field. This magnetic frequency draws to you more of the joyful expression of embracing life and playing with it from a higher perspective of wisdom and love!
In Love and With Much Playfulness!
Playing like a child allows you to connect to your divine light self,  your inner magic, and your creativity which is what sustains us!


The summer season is fast approaching here in the northern hemisphere, and it certainly makes it much easier to be playful like a child and to be in the innocence of exploration as a child. Play in the water, walk outdoors, ride a bike, push a child on a swing or swing with them; or if you are where the weather is cold, enjoy the playfulness that comes with running outside, hiking, a campfire, whatever you like to do, being playful and silly really does connect you with feelings of joy and the much-needed "letting go" process so you can unhook from the dis-stress of daily life. Indulging in joy and playing like a child reunites you with the higher parts of yourself.  This is how we access the Divine Magic which exists within the realms of Miracles.


The first half of this year has been the opportunity of identifying what you may need and are ready to let go of, anything painful from the past that may have subconsciously sabotaged you, or maybe even that you consciously created a sense of fear inside of you...there may be areas of your life that may be stagnant where you may need to take action...the list goes on, and it has been a very deep and difficult time for many. 


To assist you in bringing harmony into your life, embracing the power of love, and expressing your divine light as you move closer to achieving the goals you have set for yourself, there are three dates this June where you will have the opportunity to participate in activations to dissolve patterns that no longer serve you, allowing you the freedom to play and dream as you once did as a child:
Play Like A Child and Indulge in Joy! 
$33 for all 4 events* ~ To register, click here.

1:30 p.m. EDT / 7:30 p.m. CAT 

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Wednesday, June 6 ~ 1:30 p.m. EDT / 7:30 p.m. CAT 
6:6 The Path of Harmony with Mary Magdalene: June, July, and August will be important months as we have the opportunity to be shown many blissful aspects of life and the potential for joy, divine union, and sacred marriage within your life. This June 6th event asks you to embrace the power of love with all your might and allows it to fill your heart, your mind, your body, and your spirit with its profound power and its ability to dissolve the patterns that no longer serve the journey you are upon. You embody the strength, the courage, the insight, and know-how in relation to making your greatest dreams a reality to loving deeper than you have ever loved, to expressing joy in ways that you cannot even, at this stage, entertain! Love is your divine right, to be loved and to love, bliss is your divine right, as is joy and the union with the most sacred and divine within you and all around you.


Friday, June 15 ~ 1:30 p.m. EDT / 7:30 p.m. CAT
16:6 Harmony - The Gateway to Your Inner Magic with Lady Guinevierre and Lord Kuthumi:
This key activation is one of complete surrender; surrendering to acceptance. Your fear robs you of your power to deal with whatever it is that faces you in the moment. However, accepting the moment as it is revitalizes you, calms you down, and helps you to create a new perspective; one that guides you to be motivated to find a solution rather than be paralyzed within the fear of what your sad situation may or may not be. Acceptance brings with it unconditional love for in acceptance there is no judgement. 


Unconditional love is an essence so essential that without it, it is very difficult to experience the harmony of divine grace. Divine grace opens many pathways to freeing the spirit and, most importantly, to allowing the authentic self to express itself. This major activation will do is draw you into a totally different sphere of self awareness, a dimension of consciousness that reveals to you greater aspects of your own divinity and this is where you tap into the inner magic.  The inner magic is your ability to focus yourself through acceptance, to allow the wisdom of that unconditional aspect of yourself to perceive from an objective standpoint so that you can really ascertain what the truth is in the matter.


Tuesday, June 26 ~ 1:30 p.m. EDT / 7:30 p.m. CAT
Each and every step you take upon your journey toward greater self-awareness, self-love, and self-acceptance, the closer it brings you to a place within yourself that allows you to truly grasp the meaning of joy, serenity, peace, light, love, truth, and all the other wonderful aspects of being a human allows you to experience.


You are now being asked to use your creativity to express joy, bliss, union, and sacredness. Your creativity needs to be a vessel through which those energies are channeled. By doing this you create a field of energy full of joyful expressions, which automatically attract to you similar experiences. The key date activations that you have worked with for this particular month have asked you to remember how to play like the child, to indulge in joy, and reunite with the sacred and divine aspects of yourself. 


You have been asked to accept self, accept the moment and what life presents you in that moment and now. You are being asked to use your creative spark to serve as an expression of that which you have discovered about yourself. This energy is also preparing you for the  next level of expressing the Divine Magic existing within the Realm of Miracles and how to go about manifesting the Inner Wisdom of Inner Magic of the Master Alchemist. Trust that it is your time of truly recognizing those creative abilities (not just as it relates to writing, singing, or drawing). Know that it is a time where you need to explore your own creativity, for there are important messages that lie within it. Creativity exists in everything, and every thing you are able to do is a form of creativity. Enjoy this time of allowing your creative powers to nurture you, heal, and sustain you.


7:7 Gateway & Magic, Miracles & Abundance Manifestation with Master Kuthumi-Agrippa and Lord Merlin (pre-recorded and included with the link for the June 26th activation)
Lord Merlin stands within the presence of the 7th ray of indigo light for the purpose of bringing forth the magic of the violet energy. For many cycles of human evolution people have experienced entrapment of the consciousness, resulting in humanity's belief that to serve the light of spirit one must live in a state of poverty. The energies anchored on 7:7 on Earth come to serve you and come for the purpose of shattering the old belief system that a saint is simple in pocket and mind. Lord Merlin explains that is no longer a truth and, in fact, it never was a truth. You deserve to live your life abundantly, to experience the abundance of the creative universe and to make use of that power to empower those who have as yet not reached the same level of consciousness illumination that you have.


In this activation, you will be assisted in activating your abundance chakras. These chakras are held within the throat chakra area, which many are not aware of the fact that your throat chakra is a very powerful manifestation tool. 


*Note that all of these events were channeled in 2008 through Michelle Manders, Palace of Peace, and as of this writing, not all of the transcripts are available.

So, as June comes to greet you with a childlike mischievous energy asking you to dance within the joyful expression of what you have come to recognize about yourself thus far, know that this an important step for July.


July is the month where you align with the manifestation of the magic and miracles of life. This is the opportunity to understand the divine nature lying within your ability to trust in yourself and in your abilities to manifest the magic and miracles of life in ways previously unexpected. Focus on what is working in your life currently and take some time to acknowledge what you have released and how the healing has positively contributed to the magic of a new essence animating and inspiring you to move forward, motivating the creative qualities of your divine nature.


"Trust in the self is a powerful tool of creativity."


July shows you the beauty and magnificence residing within your ability to trust what you are able to do as a result of what you have done up until this point, which has proven to you, you are capable of healing wounds perhaps in the past you imagined could not be healed.


It is my prayer that the above-offered events assist you as...


"...Your healing journey brings to life the miracles you have been blind to, shrouded in the veils of illusion, created by the pain, the sorrow, grief, guilt, shame and suffering you have undergone. So let go, surrender, and allow the miracles of life to reveal themselves to you, proving to you that life is a miracle and that it is filled with magic which can, will, and has manifested before..." 

Mary Magdalene, 1:1 New Year's Channeling 2012

With much love,
Rev. Faith Parent Hendrickson
Spiritual Resource Dir., HeartLight Communications and
Faith smiling black turtle neck
Joined by my colleague as a Golden Temple Teacher at the Palace of Peace, Samantha Gilbert.
Sam from Palace of Peace
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To assist you in bringing harmony into your life, embracing the power of love, and expressing your divine light as you move closer to achieving the goals you have set for yourself, there are three dates this June where you will have the opportunity to participate in activations to dissolve patterns that no longer serve you, allowing you the freedom to play and dream as you once did as a child.
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