May 2012
Your thoughts, feelings, and emotions: this is what you communicate to the universe and create
Replace the old with something new, positive, and uplifting!

Being present and in the moment is a challenge for many, however, with a specific focus and

intention this can be done. Every day has a purpose and when you are purposefully focused on the intentions of a particular day, you discover a new way through which life channels its creative power through you. This results in the manifestation of a different quality of energy supporting you in the process of co-creating a new existence.


The divine signature of the Universe also speaks through your actions, your thoughts and your words and this can be expressed negatively or positively. It is my wish to assist you in expressing this nature in a positive way.


Every month of the year holds a specific energy vibration, one which you can tap into as a support system to guide your focus for the month, and each day is an opportunity to add to the intention and focus of the month. This was information from the 1:1 New Year's Channelling 2012 I shared at the beginning of this year, by Mary Magdalene through Michelle Manders. As part of the suggestions that we each create a map for our year ahead and to follow this map as a guideline for our intentions and focus, my colleague from the Palace of Peace, Samantha Gilbert, and I are announcing a 4-week series to assist you with the energies you hold in your thoughts, feelings, and emotions, as this is what you communicate to the universe and create and is also the energies of the month of May.


Thoughts, feelings, and emotions determine your level of freedom and what you are communicating to the world. If any part of this is diseased, what you communicate is decorated with these underlying factors and energy within your energy field.


Free yourself of what imprisons you. Give yourself the gift of freedom and explore the realms of channels of communication and set the intention with your Guardian Angel that you be shown the quality of this energy and what you need to heal it and to transform and to improve what you are already doing. You as a soul automatically seek the truth so you can be free of your fate (karma), but it comes with your investing energy to see what your challenges show you as the opportunity to break free. Your 4 month's prior work is key! 


"...Having recognised how you limit yourself, make the effort to replace the old with something new, positive, and uplifting. Make the effort daily to display the behaviour that will communicate to others how you are to be treated. Affirm to the universe that you accept nothing less than abundance, support, and joy through your new behaviour, thoughts and attitude. Show the world you mean business! " Kuthumi, "You Are What You Think"


The transcripts and MP3s for each of these channelings can be found at the Palace of Peace's web site. Participate in as many as events as you like live or listen to the recording that will be made available after each event:


May's Energies:
What are you communicating through your thoughts, emotions, and feelings?
This month continues with multiple webinars to support and to assist in the journey of self!


"You Are What YouThink/Feel"

4-Week Series in May

8:00 p.m. EDT



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May   9th:   "You Are What You Think" Channeling with Master Kuthumi


May 16th:   "Law of Manifestation" Channeling with Mary Magdalene                           


May 23rd:   "7:7 Gateway & Magic, Miracles & Abundance Manifestation" Channelling with Master Kuthumi and Lord Merlin


May 30th:   "Shattering the 7  Seals of Poverty Consciousness Part 2 (Sacral Chakra)" Channeling with Mary Magdalene


Each event is $11.


Law of Love

55 Cosmic Laws Course

Laws 1-12 

This is a reminder of the course that begins Thursday, May 3!

May 3 to June 14

Thursdays, 8:00 p.m. EDT

"It is an ancient truth that to know life you must first know yourself. The only way we can rise above our life challenges is by gaining a deeper understanding of the complex aspects of our nature governing our experiences and learn how to manage these.  Self-knowledge opens doorways to realms of infinite wisdom and opportunities to accept and surrender to life in a new way, leading to better stress- and life-management skills, easier access to creative solutions, and a better quality of life in general.


"Life on Earth is governed by endless laws, rules, and regulations, which most of society abides by without question - it is accepted as a given and seldom challenged. There is, however, another far greater system of Laws at work, which many ignore or simply do not know about and can, therefore, not apply or live by. These laws are Universal, and when lived by, add an empowering new perspective to one's concept of self and life altogether. These are referred to as "Cosmic Laws;" some you may be familiar with, and others not.


"These Laws are simple; however, the complexity of modern day living has made it increasingly difficult to recognize the simplicity present within life, resulting in us becoming further estranged from the uplifting positive qualities of our personality which lead to healing and a better quality of life which benefits all.


"Studying and integrating these Laws is an opportunity to "Rediscover your Light to Fight," an opportunity to re-ignite your passion to live and create a life worth living by recognizing what robs you of what you deserve in order to attain and maintain a better quality of life..." Michelle Manders, Founder of Palace of Peace


During these 7 weeks, we will be covering the first 12 laws. To read more about this course, visit my web site page, "New Webinars and Courses."  


"May the truth embodied in the Cosmic Laws set you free to live your best life ever and show the way, setting your brothers and sisters free. May we be one in love, in service, and in essence." - Kuthumi-Agrippa.


The link to the Cosmic Laws on the Palace of Peace web site: 


Choosing to participate in this course will require a commitment from you to work with the material as suggested in each law so as to ensure results. By practically integrating the lessons through the journal exercises within each law, one is able to uncover the gifts and strengths that lie dormant within oneself, hidden beneath layers of illusions. Our weekly meetings will help you keep the momentum going as you reform and re-define who you are.


I highly suggest this course for anyone ready to make changes in their life and are looking for something that will help them remain motivated and stick to a routine and successful plan! 

Faith at Wrightsville BeachPeace and Blessings!
May you enjoy the beauty that this month and time of year brings! 
Rev. Faith Parent
Rev. Faith Parent Hendrickson,
Spiritual Resource Director, HeartLight Communications
GoldenTemple Teacher, Palace of Peace 

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